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Roku 2 Performance on Broadband VI Basic Internet Service (St. Croix)...  


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August 6, 2015 5:18 pm  

Good afternoon...

I have BBVI's Basic Internet Service (up to 2Mbps download/up to 512 kbps upload) and have so far experienced acceptable Standard Definition streaming of Netflix content through my Sony Blu Ray player.

Now, I'm considering a Roku 2 box. This would be my first experience with this technology, and I'd appreciate other islanders' opinions on its performance with BBVI, under the same conditions, and with Roku's various installed apps/channels.

My biggest concern is hesitancy/stuttering on streaming content, and I know that Roku has smaller memory than other similar products. (Amazon Fire TV, for example.) Yet, Roku seems to enjoy the most favorable opinions online, in part because of its rich content and user-friendly features.

Thanks again, for any input and thoughts.

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August 6, 2015 7:52 pm  

I have a Roku 2 with the same standard BBVI package you have. The Roku streams seamlessly and we rarely have an interruption during a show. I say rarely because it does happen but infrequently. I'm going to get another Roku for the bedroom set soon and will be scaling back my DISH package. We use the Roku more than DISH now on the main screen.

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