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Running and Mountain Bike Trails on STX

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Hi All! 

I was just curious if there were any good trails for running and mountain biking on STX? Most of the posts I've found on here are around 10 years old so I wasn't sure if anything had changed and more had been added? 

I did see some FB posts where people are developing trails (especially for kiddos which is awesome and something we as parents would most likely ask to be involved in) and they had plans to develop more  but I couldn't find the VI Bike and Trail FB group mentioned or an updated map of trails. 

I'm a trail runner and my husband is a very experienced mountain biker and if we can do that on island in the future that would be a bonus, but honestly we love the water so much that if we can't we'll definitely live without it. Just like a lot of other things.... LOL. ? 

Thanks everyone!  

Topic starter Posted : March 23, 2021 4:28 pm
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