Russell buying time...
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Russell buying time....???

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Maybe this will take as long as it took to send out the 2009 real estate tax bills.

Delay - Deflect - Disguise is standard operating procedure.

Topic starter Posted : February 26, 2012 2:46 pm
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I agree - I think it's bull@$#*

Even IF there really is an outside investigation - which HOPEFULLY will result in the Federal agents finally indicting all the senatorial crooks - Russell has YET to issue whatever measures they will institute in the legislature to ensure that these abuses do not happen again. That should have happened a loooooong time ago, by now.

He's a freaking joke.

Posted : February 26, 2012 4:08 pm
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Russel can RUN but he CAN'T HIDE!!!!

Posted : February 27, 2012 11:53 am
A Davis
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check this out: Bill 29-0214 - To reform procurement processes of the VI Legislature

contact your favorite senator and check on its progress... i have done so. copying a pasting a facebook note i put up on 12/05/2011 -

PLEASE NOTE THIS BILL, WHICH IS NOT BEING ACTED UPON AND ADDRESSES SOME ISSUES OUTLINED IN THE LEGISLATIVE AUDIT BY THE VI INSPECTOR GENERAL. 29-0214. "An Act amending title 2 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 3, reenacting section 45 relating to awards and incentives for legislative employees; amending chapter 5 relating to procurement of goods and services by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands; amending title 2 Virgin Islands Code, adding chapter 9 relating to sessions of the Legislature; and for other purposes" -- This bill addresses the role of the Legislative Business Director, the certification of sealed bids for contracts, transparency in the names of individuals and entities being considered for contract bids, and actions and penalties for violations.

Please ask when this bill will be lifted out of committee to be debated and open to public discourse. Here is a link to the bill: Bill 29-0214. It is now being held in Rules and Judiciary. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Louis P. Hill (340-693-3523, email, with co-sponsors Sens. Sammuel Sanes (340-712-2258, email and Ronald E. Russell.

Call the office of co-sponsor and Senate President Ronald E. Russell, ESQ to ask if he has heard anything more about this bill coming before the body for debate and consideration. 340-712-2270, email

Also call the members of the Committee - and if you only have time to call a couple of people, make them Sen. Usie Raymond Richards (Chair, phone 340-712-2276, email and Sen. Sammuel Sanes (Vice-Chair, 340-712-2258, email

Other members of this Committee:

Sen. Carlton "Ital" Dowe, 340-693-3706, email

Sen. Alicia "Chucky" Hansen, 340-712-2215, email

Sen. Patrick Simeon Sprauve, 340-693-3613, email

Sen. Celestino A. White, Sr., 340-639-3568, email

Posted : February 27, 2012 12:53 pm
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