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Saving Water & Washing Your Hair

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Good Morning All,
First I must preface - I've been packing literally all night, and am on 2 hours of sleep - thus am not firing on any cylinders - though I'm hoping for a few! :-). Dividing your belongings to go to two locations several thousand miles apart is time consuming! *-)

Anyway - I try hard to learn from others, and that being told am going to do what I can to spend time in the *freezing* water cooling down to acclimate - rather than using the AC. I woke up to -9' this morning, and that isn't cold enough to wear a jacket. Serious temp acclimation coming! 🙂 (Sorry digressing)

Again Anyway - the second concern is water usage. I've always had free, and plentiful well usage - so I've never had an issue with water. My hair is CURLY and waist length. It honestly takes 12 minutes in the shower to work shampoo and conditioner into and out of it.

Does anyone have ideas for how I can wash my hair without taking epic showers on island time? After living in a climate with 6% relative humidity (No Joke) my hair REALLY needs to live in an environment that is humid, so though it requires extra steps to maintain - I believe it is worth it. (Similar to island life for some no? :-))

Posted : December 31, 2010 3:03 pm
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I believe the answer you'll find most easy to live with once you arrive is to cut it all off. I personally know of only one statesider here with long hair, and it's only long because that's the way her husband likes it! Mine is super short, which makes it very easy to take care of. The other option I guess, would be to wet it, turn off the water, shampoo it, turn the water back on to rinse, then back off to condition and on the final time to rinse again. Way too much hassle for me, but I've never had the patience for long hair!

Posted : December 31, 2010 3:19 pm
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I have long very curly hair. Waist length is more then I want to handle but mine goes to the bottom of my shoulder blades. Plenty of girls have long hair. Plenty of us put it up when we are hot.

Your solution is easy to save water while lathering up. Turn off the water when not rinsing. It's not uncommon to see shower heads with a little turn off switch on the showerhead here. If not they are easy to buy and install if you are really worried. But I think you are way over thinking it. Also we have had SO much rain this year, and continue to get little showers almost every day.

I grew up with 110 percent humidity which thank superman it is not here. Humidity is not curly hairs best friend. It can blow your hair up and often make it frizzy. I rarely use conditioner in the shower but use it while still wet when I brush it out. And love the Tigi bedhead line which I ship in.

Posted : December 31, 2010 3:35 pm
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I completely agree about humidity being Satan's spawn when it comes to curly hair. :X This is going to be a trade off. Because it is SO dry here - the ringlets start to go limp and I say wavy (though others are adamant it's not true). For the first while on my days off I'm going to be rockin' the fro just so that I can get some humidity in there. Work my hair is ALWAYS up and I'm perusing my SCUBA dive instructor certification - so the perpetual braid will be in effect... And to not exaggerate the situation, my hair is waist length wet - it curls to just below the shoulder blades (the only way to prevent the afore mentioned fro 8-)) haha

I also use TIGI currently - where to you order it from, or do you have friends and family ship it to you?

It is what it is - it's just how you choose to see it.

Posted : December 31, 2010 3:52 pm
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Amazon is the cheapest I have found. If you have tried the bedhead control freak serum, I highly recommend it. It's sold as a frizz reducer and straightner, but all a straightner does on real curly hair is define it. But whats great about it is it is a humidity blocker and a very light gel. My favorite stateside hairdresser turned me on to it at least ten years ago. A little of it and some conditioner and my curls usually stay separated and unfrizzed for a day or two.

Posted : December 31, 2010 5:10 pm
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I'm a long hair girl as well, but I have very straight fine hair. To conserve water in the shower, get a hand held attachment AND a shut off attachment for the shower head. I wet my hair, switch off the water, lather up, then use the "high pressure" setting on the head and stick it right on my head to get the soap out fast. Then shut it off, get the picture! I also shut off the water when I wash my body. Most of the water gets used when you are lathering up your head or body, so just shut it off when you are doing that.

My son has the most beautiful curls, and when he was young, I let his hair grow long. Keeping the curl under control was a challenge. I knew this guy who had really curly, yet perfectly controlled, hair and I asked him how he did it. He told me about this place where he got styling products from. CURLISTO, He suggested the Strutura lotion and Control Gel. I mixed them both together in my hand and put it on my son's damp hair and it is like MAGIC! I highly highly recommend these products. Definitely get the Structura lotion, and then get one of the Control Gels (depending on your hair type) and you will have awesome curls. I also use the Structura lotion in my straight hair to keep the frizz out, as well as Moroccan oil (which is totally awesome too!) to help with frizz and give great shine.

Posted : January 1, 2011 8:22 am
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julie: Did I miss any news? *-)

Posted : January 1, 2011 1:37 pm
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