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seaborne airlines

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wondering if anyone has had any issues with seaborne airlines and if they would recommend or not recommend them for travel use?

Topic starter Posted : May 21, 2009 11:04 pm
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No major issues here, like any airline in the caribbean flights may be canceled due to weather or problems with the engines. Happens more often then the big jets at major airports. So that can be frustrating, but living here you learn patience and to always have a plan B.

Greatly prefer them to american eagle. Also like Cape Air. But whatever's cheapest is what I use.

Posted : May 21, 2009 11:12 pm
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Our experience was as Betty has said.

We used them last time we were there and ended up sitting around delayed for more than 3 hours while they tried to fix the plane that was due to be used for our scheduled flight. That wasn't so bad, as things will happen and can't really be helped, but it was frustrating to watch others arrive after us, (also scheduled for STT) and leave before us.

Also you should be aware that they charge by the pound for luggage (think a certain amount is included, others can verify). For us, with a little one in tow and all the gear required, we could have almost bought 2 extra seats afte:- after the car seat, pack and play, and stroller where thrown on the scale. Moral of the story: If you pack heavy, take the jetty!

better luck .

Posted : May 21, 2009 11:46 pm
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I have had issues with Seaborne and cancelled flights. My biggest issue is that they lied about why the flight was cancelled (they didn't know that I know air traffic controllers and many of their own pilots). We were stranded in STT overnight and they kept trying to tell us the flight was cancelled for weather so they did not have to pay for a hotel. Through many phone calls we were able to prove to them it was because their pilot didn't want to finish his last flight and they ended up paying but were very rude about it. That being said, if they are the cheapest I would still use them again but NEVER schedule the last flight of the day.

I just used Seaflight a month ago and they were great. Comfortable planes, pleasant staff and no waiting around.

I have also used Cape Air many times and never had a problem and their staff is also pleasant.

Posted : May 21, 2009 11:51 pm
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The baggage charge is unbelievable. The scales that weigh bags weighs heavy as well. I weigh my bags before I go and the scales on STT always weigh about 10 pounds more, STX is better as the bags weigh less than STT usually about 5 to 6 pounds less.

One of the counter ladies at STT is not a very nice person. I always hope she doesn't help me! She borders on being downright mean and nasty as well as racist. I know I should report her shenanigans, but doubt it would do any good is why I haven't.

Posted : May 22, 2009 12:05 pm
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I've never had a problem w/Seaborne!
Anytime my flight was cancelled, they either rescheduled me on another flight, offered to pay for the ferry or took me to the airport for a return "paid" flight via Cape Air. They paid my cab fare & made sure if I didn't have a ride from STX airport, a cab would be waiting for me.
The customer service has always been excellent, super friendly and helpful. Even the pilots are friendly.....Wild Bill if he's still flying is a riot! :@)

Posted : May 22, 2009 2:56 pm
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Seaborne Airlines is far better than Cape Air for sure especially traveling to San Juan. I have had too many close calls weather related with Cape Air. They only have one pilot not 2 like seaborne. the cape air planes are tight and cramped and subject to winds far more that seaborne's planes. cape air is frightening...

Seaborne does have THEFT OF PROPERTY ISSUES AND counter and attitude service problems with personnel at the st thomas seaplane base. They are many times rude, unresponsive and basically have an attitude that does not care about the c ustomer. The management at seaborne refuses to fix this for whatever reason. There are constant notices of "lost" stolen property on walls. I had a computer taken out of the blue tubs used to load planes at dock. So keep valuables with you and never let them leave your sight when you are down at loading dock getting on plane.

Seaborne offer 2 types of service: one is seaplane and one is airshuttle WHEELED service. Seaplanes are only from st thomas and st croix (and charters to Virgin Gorda BVI to north sound) but seaplanes dont service san juan. The air shuttle service is available from san juan isle grande airport, st thomas king airport (connections to international airlines like san juan, miami etc) and the new service from st croix from rohlston airport closer to frederiksted. The airshuttle is superior. GReat spacious planes, clean and huge windows for photos and aerial views. I only use the airshuttle now avoiding st thomas seaplane at all cost. while the st thomas to st croix seaplane goes to christiansted, i still take the airshuttle to rohlston, and have the car rental companby pick me up there. I usually stay on the north shore which is about a 20 minute drive through beautiful countryside and past carambola gold course. Thsi avoids the traffic headach of christiansted too.

Overall--seabornee will take care of you when there are problems except theft of your property. Forget about the virgin islands police...they could care less and are corrupt.

Posted : May 24, 2009 1:17 pm
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