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Sending Son to UVI, what should I be doing

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I know the forum is about relocating, but I think a college kid being there 4 years may fit too, so I am going to give it try.

My son will be going to UVI in St Thomas in the fall and I want to make sure I do the things necessary for it to be fun, safe, and productive for him.  He will live in the dorms on campus, but what should he be looking to have or do there.  I thought we'd buy him a scooter but based on some messages I've read, that's a bad idea.  Sometimes you don't know what questions to ask and so I'm reaching out to see what I should be looking at.  Here are some specific questions though:

Can / should he rely on the bus system?  I've heard that don't get caught out after 6.

Should he bring down his own paddle board or other 'toys', or is there an after market sales where he should be able to find things.

Amazon Prime.  Can I send things to the islands, or are there middle-people that I have to put into the process.

Should the expectation be that he'll spend all (or almost all) his time on campus?  Are the locals (both people and infrastructure, college kid friendly?

And lastly, like I mentioned earlier, what questions should I be asking or looking into for someone going to college on the islands (specifically for his can the St Thomas campus).

Posted : March 1, 2022 11:38 am
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I live on St Croix, but can answer a couple of questions, Amazon works, but you do pay for shipping in most cases.  You can use a freight forwarder but unless it's a large package or huge shipment, its cheaper and quicker with USPS in most cases. St croix has a buy sell page, so I'm thinking st thomas does too, so maybe leave the paddle board at home and try to find a cheap one here when someone is leaving island.  He'll also be here during our windiest times, so he may not use it much.  Drinking age is 18, so he will have plenty to do.  Sorry to tell you that, but it's pretty much the culture here with a bar every few miles.  

Posted : March 2, 2022 5:24 pm
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