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I'm going to have to give up my Sirius when we move to STX, aren't I? It looks like they don't offer service there but I thought I would double check with all of you guys!!


Posted : December 13, 2007 1:55 pm
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it's part of our Dish Network package through the television, but you won't get the service in your car. Try an iPod!

Posted : December 13, 2007 3:33 pm
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Darn! I don't want to have to give up listing to Radio Margaritaville & the NFL Network in my car! Oh well, at least the views out of my car window will be prettier there than they are here right now.


Posted : December 13, 2007 4:00 pm
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I brought my Sirius radio to STT twice on vacation and it worked fine. I have the Stilleto portable one.

Posted : December 14, 2007 7:51 pm
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I understand. I had to give up my XM when I came to the island. I drove around the island in hopes of getting a signal but couldn't get one. 🙁

Posted : December 15, 2007 5:18 am
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Look at it this way, you probably won't be in your car as much. No long commutes to work, no "road trips". Like you mentioned, enjoy the view, plus listen to local radio. It can be very interesting and entertaining.

Posted : December 15, 2007 2:20 pm
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Keep it it works here! I have a ton of stock in that company so please keep it., they need all of us. It all depends on the actual radio.
It seems that older radios have stronger transisters inside and that bit of extra power makes them work better than others. For one, the Sportsters series has had problems down here. I have a friend who hooked one up on his boat with the larger Marine antenna and it didn't work, then I plugged my radio into his antenna and it worked, so he just got a different radio and it worked. I had mine hooked up on a boat and the signal was very good, with the Marine antenna and I sailed the boat form SC to STT and it worked the whole way. It worked as far south as St Lucia. Every once in a while it would have dead spots in the middle of the day for a half an hour or so; probably sunspots.
I also hooked up the car antenna and it works fine as a "house antenna". I used it in the car for a while but it went in and out around every turn so it gets alittle frustrating. This other dude on the board says his styletto worked and I have been wondering if it would. I didn't think it would since it is smaller and newer but I am glad it will, I'll be buying one of them now. I presently have the "Sirius connect" series that is a couple of years old and it is awsome to have Stern every morning.
I even emailed Sirius years ago to let them know it works so they could go after the VI and PR but I am sure typical island politics will not let them in. As far as Xm they use repeaters on the gound in the US to boost their signal and they are a bit different in the signal comes off those repeaters and not the actula Sat. and there is no chance of them working here. I tried them when they first came out and bought a comercial antenna and a booster and tried everything and no luck. Hopefully that will not effect Sirius when and if they merge? They could switch to Xm's technology but I don't think they will. Presently Sirius has video on it's service and there system seems to be the more modern so I assume Xm will switch to their version. Anyway, you can keep it, hope this helps.

Posted : December 21, 2007 10:01 pm
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