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I am in the final stages of finalising my move to St. Croix. I need to get ahold of a good bank to get an account open over there. Can anyone give me the name and phone number of one that has direct deposit as I am on soc sec. Also I need to get a hold of someone who can give me the information on low income housing as I am not sure if I will have a boat or not to live on. Can anyone give me the web site of any of the Episcopal Churches on St. Croix. If I have more questions later then I will start a new topic. Yours IN Christ. John S. Hill PS does anybody know if there is A Brotherhood of St. Andrew there? also a cursillo reunion group for men there? De Coloris

Posted : June 4, 2004 7:27 pm
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All indications are that there are no banks on St X that will open account over the phone or on-line. You need a permanent address and to be there in person. The address can be arranged on line. Do a search on HipCrip as auther or mailbox in subject. If you find the post, it will give instructions on how to open a box at a Mailboxes Etc. That way when you get there you'll have the address for the bank. My husband and I used First Bank of St. Croix. They were nice and helpful and have branches on the island. They also have instructions to give you to complete wire transfers. (and direct deposit).

Not sure about the low income housing question. Depending on when you are going down, I met a guy who had a place for 500 a month and was quite happy in his little cottage somewhere in C'sted.

To call churches and get a feel for what is offered on the island; get on and do searches on religious organizations and churches. Some will have websites posted and you can go from there. The islands are not like the states yet with web usage. In the states your website is your business identity... In the islands your lucky if the place has email and if they do, your lucky if you get a reply.

Posted : June 5, 2004 1:33 pm
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Low income housing as in government housing... visit their web site at

For churches look in the yellow pages and click on directory and then churches.


Posted : June 12, 2004 3:41 am
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