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STJ question

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I've been perusing the board for a few weeks now, as I am researching the possibility of temporarily relocating to St. John (maybe longer than temporary, but I'm starting with that!). I appreciate all the answers to questions that I've already seen here, so thanks for that!

One question I have not been able to locate the answer to has to do with grocery choices on St. John. I prefer to eat pretty healthy; where I live in the states (CA) it's easy to get organic veggies/fruits and meats. I have also been mostly gluten-free lately, and I think I would like to continue that if possible. I realize that everything has to be shipped to the island and don't expect it to be the same situation as I have here. However, I would like to know what the situation is. Is there anything organic offered in grocery stores on St. John? Is it super expensive? Are there decent meats (at least grass-fed)? What are the grocery stores like? Any other information anybody "in the know" has regarding this topic would be much appreciated.


Posted : July 12, 2010 10:00 pm
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