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STJ Rental Rate


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February 14, 2019 8:25 am  

Hi folks,

I would like see what a 1 Bed/1 Bath rental for a small home on St. John (Coral Bay) would typically go for with a 1 year lease? The house is private with a sea view, and recently remodeled. Would landlords typically include power for something like this or would it be separate?



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February 14, 2019 3:55 pm  

Because the market is so tight on St John, you can pretty much name your price and conditions. For example, there's only one advertised rental in Cruz Bay right now: a one-bedroom apartment for $2,000. That's flat-out ridiculous money compared with what most people can afford, but no doubt someone will happily pay it because there are almost no other options. If you go into Connections, you'll see maybe one housing listing on the entire board.

Usually utilities are separate, but you can include them up to a certain dollar amount if that's easier. Just depends whose name you want on the bills.

Pre-storm, a Coral Bay 1BR freestanding cottage would have rented for anywhere from $900-$1,400, depending on condition and location. Today, I can't imagine the starting point would be any lower than $1,200 for a primitive shackteau, and on up for a better-quality place.

As to whether it's conscionable for a landlord to charge what the market will bear versus what local residents in need of housing can afford -- that's another conversation.

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February 16, 2019 4:59 am  

I agree with everything fdr said.  Affordable long term housing is pretty much nonexistent on St. John right now.  I actually have a similar situation but my new standalone is in the Gifft Hill area.  I am doing mine for $900 plus utilities because I want one really awesome tenant (who has already been selected) and even though I have no doubt whatsoever I could get double that, I would feel really slimy doing that.  I have too many friends who have been essentially homeless or displaced since the storms.  I am of the camp utilities should be separate just because people vary so much in this area.  A person new to island is not as conservative as people who have lived here a long time.  

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