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STT Geography question

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We are really getting close to our moving date- late July or early August. My geography question is - I am looking for apartment/condo/houses for rent in STT, and I'm wondering about the VI daily news ad re: Apartment - East, West, South or North. I had been to few places in STT - all saints school, the hospital area, mahogany run golf area, etc. We would rather have a place to live closer to the hospital or the all saints school. So, with that as a base, what "direction" would be best for us?

Thanks a lot.

Posted : May 31, 2008 10:27 am
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Mahogany Run would be considered North Side. Probably that portion would work well for you as far as All Saints or the hospital.

Posted : May 31, 2008 11:19 am
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May look for place around Sibs also. five min drive to hospital!

Posted : May 31, 2008 12:50 pm
Exit Zero
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The geographic location is chosen by the ad placer. They will usually designate the area by estate or neighborhood as well. The usual routes into town are: from the West down Crown Mt. road or in from the college via Harwood Highway -- this can encompass many properties West/North/South --- down Mafolie Hill, this often accesses North and South with some East traffic, --- Down Raphune Hill -- Generally Eastern locations but some South, --- Down through Havensite --Usually South properties but some East traffic trying to avoid Raphune Hill.
Depending on the time of day all have their traffic pitfalls - School/Cruise ship days/8 AM jam ups/etc.
The hospital is closer to Raphune Hill but workable down Mafolie as well. All Saints is closest to Mafolie but coming in from the West isn't too bad.
Where you live will usually be decided by the house/Apt/view/price -- the East End properties will be your longest commute for those 2 workplaces.
If you have a map with the Estate names on it you can closer co-ordinate your choices with the ads.
If you are trying to do all this having not been here -- forget all this info.
If you are trying to do it from off island it isn't often recommended that you rent w/o seeing the property.

Posted : May 31, 2008 1:26 pm
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The publication, STT/STJ This Week has a good map that a lot of residents and visitors alike use for reference.

You can find it online here:

Just click on it to enlarge.

Hope this helps,

Posted : May 31, 2008 1:59 pm
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If islandlola's house is still available for rent, it would be perfect. Do a search for her, and you will see her post. There are a couple of pictures too. Actually, I think she may have more than one rental. I am talking about the one near Mafolie.

Posted : May 31, 2008 3:12 pm
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Thanks Trade, Jen & Juanita for your replies.

Thanks also Exit Zero; I've been to STT last February. My hubby would of course physically look at the place first before we will sign the lease.

Peggy, what's Sibs?

Posted : June 1, 2008 7:03 am
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Sib's is restaurant up above Mafolie Hotel! 🙂

Posted : June 1, 2008 12:28 pm
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Thanks, Peggy!

Posted : June 3, 2008 1:08 pm
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Hi Juanita:

Thanks for the plug. Yes, my house is still available. We have listed it for short-term, but would be open to long-term as needed.



Posted : June 6, 2008 7:03 pm
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