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Stuck on health insurance and freaking out  

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I am stuck on health insurance and really need the helpful advice! 🙂

I'm looking for individual health insurance on St John. I am a US citizen moving on Island this month (August 2016). An employer plan is not an option as my employer has no plans available in the Virgin Islands. Here is what I have tried so far:

CIGNA GLOBAL: Used to offer health plans to US citizens moving to the USVI; now no longer does because a US Citizen living in the USVI is not considered an expat.

UNITED HEALTHCARE: Offers plans through employers only, not individuals.

BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD VI: Offers plans in the Virgin Islands through employers only. Individual plans "might be available in a couple of months" (whatever that means), but nothing now

AGILE INSURANCE: Appears to offer plans available through United Life Insurance Company, but in fact they do not. Not for US Citizens at least living in the USVI.

I am at a loss and can't believe it is so hard to find insurance here! I mean I knew it was hard... but it is now looking IMPOSSIBLE. Please help, all tips and suggestions appreciated!


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The difference between healthy and not healthy is about a millionth of a second.

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I thought it was 1/10,000 of a second.

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It's a risk that a lot of us in the 'middle' class are forced to take in order to live here.
If I start getting sick with something serious, the exit strategy is a quick move stateside and signing up for coverage under the ACA. However we can't account for emergencies. A sudden appendix issue would be devastating financially. Likewise any serious accident/injury.

It does force one to be more thoughtful relating to matters of health. We try to eat healthier, but I still play some physical sports. You can't avoid life.

Recent case in point was a sports injury that, after a week and a half, was still very painful and possibly a fracture. Fortunately I knew a doc who could call in an order for an xray. Cost me $105 at the image center but a glance over the shoulder of the tech seemed to look like nothing was broken.

The one thing that is broken is our health care system. I've circulated one possible approach amongst a few senators but there doesn't seem to be much interest. Unfortunately it would take strong government leadership and responsibility - qualities that are in short supply.

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But . . . this is one of our Lt Gov's TOP priorities. At least that's what he always says when the subject comes up. :X

Say what you will. But Obamacare worked out well for me when I was stateside. Lower premium and deductible than pre-ACA, and I kept my own Dr. That was in a state with a lot of competition, though. There are millions who now have insurance who didn't before, and health care costs are not rising as rapidly as pre-ACA.

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Hi Justin. I just sent you a private message about the insurance issue. Check for it.

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