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I don't think they have the sweet potato but I'm pretty sure they have catfish sometimes on special. Have you been to southshore cafe? She makes a sweet potato ravioli with almond butter that is insane. I know its not the same but its so good. 🙂 Its not always on the menu but if you call ahead she'll make it.

Tracey's is only open for breakfast and lunch. Good southern dinner food, they even have sweet tea! Ever since Elizabeths moved to Hibicus it went way way down the tube. It used to be as good as Bacchus, Savant, Kendricks, etc... But now the food is horrible, not average, horrible. Always been curious how it went so bad so quick.

The restaurant at Coakley Condos, I always forget the name, Italian restaurant used to have buy one entree and get one free on Thursday. Also I think the 19th hole has their Italian buffet tonight, but after eating steak for lunch I can't even think about eating again.

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Lori's 19th Hole restaurant has Italian Buffet (delicious) every Wednesday for $20. It is located at Carambola Golf Course. The antipasto station is sooo gooood I tend to not save enough room for the entrees. Check out her home made cheese bread! Fabulous!

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Since consistency is a problem on island, and good pizza is hard to find here, I thought I'd mention that I had pizza and beer at Smuggler's Cove AGAIN last night, and it was once again very good. =Fresh made dough= yum.

Seems like they bring in more bands than many places do, and the guys last night were really good. Every time I've been there it's been friendly, clean and comfortable with good service. It's a place you often see parents with their kids, but also a good bar crowd. It's in Mill Harbor and you can walk out of the bar and onto the beach.

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The restaurant at Coakley Bay Condos is The Cultured Pelican. They are closed for the summer but have always had the buy one get one free on Thursdays. Always good food and the calzones are fantastic. I think they open again in Sept or Oct.

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I second Smuggles cove Pizza Yummy

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