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Good morning, listers
Well it has been about 2 1/2 months since we arrived on STT. Some things have been challenging to overcome, and others still will take some getting used to. Specifically the STT method of government agencies which is really inefficient and takes a long time with repeated phone calls to make things happen. Another thing is I have never been a big fan of mosquitos. Some foods and gas are really expensive. Other than that we love it! Sunday is "beach day".
Our business, the Afro Caribbean Drum Center at #1 Snegle Gade in downtown (left off of Back Street onto Trompeter Gade then a sharp left onto Snegle Gade 40' up the hill) is unofficially open. The Center Houses my large collection of drums from Africa and the Caribbean like the giant Ngoma drum from Zimbabwe and the Haitian Voodoo drums. My wife Mel is a well known bead artist and has had her work published many times in books and magazines ( She will take money in the courtyard and sell handmade glass beads, seed beads, and beading supplies as well as some drums. I will give guided tours with demonstrations of many of the drums then I teach the group how to play real conga drums ending with the group playing an authentic rhythm or two. I am thinking tourists and groups from hotels and resorts. The slow season is upon us and I expect a slow start - I will give a discounted rate for local groups of any kind; church, schools, employees, etc. Kids must be able to sit in a chair, reach a full size conga drum, and focus for 1 hour without disturbance.
Please visit our website for full details.

Topic starter Posted : May 8, 2008 3:07 pm
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The Drum Center is closing today Thur because WAPA just showed up and is digging up the street in front of my gate! Sorry. At least we will have public water now.
- Jammin'Jerry Z

Topic starter Posted : May 8, 2008 3:28 pm
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