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Thanks to all on STX and STT


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June 9, 2005 2:06 pm  

Twindomes and I just returned from STX last evening. Made an offer on a condo and are just waiting to hear the final acceptance.
We want to thank everyone on the boards that helped us so very much. On our first trip down to STT and STX - thanks to Teresa and Ronnie; you both treated us like family and gave us valuable info.
On this trip we focused totally on STX and want to thanks Ric and Linda for meeting us at Off the Wall and sharing island info; and to Adam at Cape Air for his insights.
We used Alexandra from Baxter Realty based on recommendations on this board. She was wonderful! Very responsive, and selfless of her time. We recommend her for anyone looking for housing on STX.
We stayed at a guesthouse by the name Villa Margarita. The owners, John and Adele, recently moved to STX from the east coast. Their Guesthouse is a fabulous place right on the North Shore. They helped SOOOO much with info, contacts, etc. Great place to stay!!!
While exciting and adventurous, this move is also scary and stressful - we could never do it without the help of these boards. All of you living on the islands have been so helpful. Thanks to all of you who post regularly-Islander, EastEnder, Marty, etc. IT IS GREATFULLY APPRECIATED.
Hoping our next post will be to tell you we are becoming neighbors.....
Mike and Linda (twindomes and travelwoman)

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June 9, 2005 4:29 pm  

Congratulations, travelwoman! Thank you for the update. May I ask which condo development you chose and why? Thanks!

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June 9, 2005 5:32 pm  

mike and linda-

it was great meeting the two of you last week. i'm sorry that kendra and i were unable to make it on saturday to off the wall. life has been hectic working 7 days/week. i was happy to hear when you were leaving that you found a place. like i've said before, feel free to contact me with any further questions. use to contact me instead of the hotmail address. i use the flycapeair email daily, whereas the hotmail i check once every couple of weeks. congrats and i'll be looking forward to seeing you when the big move comes! (and maybe we'll be able to get you hooked up with an airline position down here if we're lucky.)

best wishes,

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June 9, 2005 6:11 pm  

Hello Mike and Linda,

You are very welcome. All the best with your plans!!


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June 9, 2005 10:22 pm  

Yea!!! Mike and Linda, I wish you all the best. Now Pamela and I have another motivation to get over to STX. (She has lived on STT over a decade and has never been to STX!!! - of course I haven't been to STX either, so we have been 'planning' a trip for a while now...) Anyway, I hope to see you soon and best of health for you both.


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