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The REAL Deal with STX Cars

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Hi folks! Since I've done an exhaustive survey of used vehicles and insurance on STX, I thought it would be beneficial to share my list of all the available outlets:

Car Rental Places-Excellent source due to fleet maintainence. Price range 5,000-15,000ish:

Antilles -719-0418
Atlas -773-2886
Avis -778-9365
Budget -778-4663
Caribbean Auto Mart-778-0600 (Jimi Weber)
Centerline -778-0450
Go-Around -778-8881
Gold Mine -773-0299
Hertz -778-1402
JAH's -692-5755
Midwest -772-0438
Olympic -773-8000
Preferred -778-9744
Skyline -719-5990
Thrifty -773-7200
Tonn -773-1516
Tourism -778-7720
Travelers -778-6849

Used Car Lots-Lower price range

Chrysler Dodge Jeep-773-5337
High Bridge Auto -778-3335
Metro Motors -773-2121
Neighborhood -778-5007

Car Insurance- over 26 years old, liability only, about 320/year regardless of vehicle. Only year rates, no half, quarter year or monthly policies available here.

Golden Grove Insurance -778-5877
Inter-Ocean -773-4600
Marshall & Sterling -773-2170
Masters -778-5600

Hope this helps! Happy Hunting,

Posted : February 15, 2006 12:58 pm
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