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This forum is great. more than great

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I have been posting on this forum , ... from the very beginning. I am, for various reasons, a part time St Croix resident. My stx history goes back to hurricane Hugo (isn't it about 16 years now ?I have trouble counting on my fingers.) I have seen the changes good and and not so good since that time. I have a great deal of knowledge of St Croix, but since I do leave each year it also allows me a certain perspective. i know about standing in line at wapa and cleaning a cistern. I also know know about standing in line for an airplane and flying away.

This forum is the best thing that has ever happened for those who dream of an island life. Sometimes I see those who do not... understand. Mostly. I see those who really care. Lately there have been some very lengthy threads that talked about "leaving"...or "coming". The comments have been ...great..wonderful...terrible...upsetting..but almost all honest and helpful.

There are so many people on this website who have great experiences to share. They aren't always right in their opinion, but many have figured it out. Go back and look at what you and others have had to say recently. Are you ready to accept honest comments about what you have said? I know it is hard for me. Look around and you will see that the current and past posters really seem to care. I like that.

pretty good place to be?

Posted : August 3, 2006 2:29 am
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I agree, although it is difficult. I would rather have an "evil Eve' and 'good Eve' for names. There are many times I start a reply and delete it because I don't want to make enemies as a newbie. Sometimes I don't post a comment or question because of this.

I think the board is great though; and when you've read it awhile, you can pick out the good and bad.

Posted : August 3, 2006 4:26 am
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Eve: Sometimes typing a response and deleting it is therapeutic! 😀 Sometimes there should be MORE typing and deleting!!

The benefit of registering is having some sort of reputation, as you say, for good or for bad!

The "Bitter and Angry" EE 😉

Posted : August 3, 2006 11:28 am
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I agree again! LOL

Posted : August 3, 2006 1:43 pm
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I love this place too, stxer -- it feels like my second neighborhood filled with folks who really care about each other and truly want to help others in whatever way they can

I have no problem facing up to anything I say, nor take any disagreements of opinions that occur personally. I worked in politics for my entire professional life. It taught me pretty early on that some of the greatest people you could ever know have some opinions with which you'll never agree, so you must learn to get along with people, disagree on issues. And at the risk of turning into a "sloganeer," you also learn that you're unlikely to have any permanent friends or permanent enemies, but you will always have permanent interests. Working with anyone who shares those interests, even if you've they've been your opposition on previous matters, is critical to getting things done and bringing about change. I hope that folks can feel these beliefs through the words I write, and will accept that there is nothing personal in any disagreements over issues that may occur. 🙂

The good people on this board have become good friends, and have extended more good advice and kindnesses to me than I can ever thank them for. It's my hope and goal to be able to give even a small portion of that back by participating here as a new resident of these amazing islands.

Thanks for this great, thought-provoking topic.


Posted : August 3, 2006 8:41 pm
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This forum is truly great. I feel that you all are the only ones that truly know the love I feel for the VI and the longing I have to be there. It keeps our dream of moving alive and it inspires us daily. Great thanks to all who have contributed to my questions, I appreciate your honesty...And if I win the powerball Saturday, drinks are on me next weekend!

Posted : August 4, 2006 1:04 am
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