Tourist killed and ...

Tourist killed and shooting at the Ritz?  

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So I heard through the coconut tree today that a
tourist on a scooter collided with a safari by the fruit
stand in red hook and was killed.

I also heard that there was a shooting by or at the
Ritz Carlton. Anybody know anything about these
Two events?

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Scooter and safari collision by the Red Hook fruit stand is true, but unsure if a tourist was killed.

Live VERY close to the Ritz and have heard nothing of a shooting in the area.

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Would not be supried if there was gun play on the road out to cabrita. The narrow section by the time shares sees a fair amount of action.

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Here's the article about the scooter accident:

No-one should be allowed to drive scooters on these islands. The roads are way too pothole ridden and dangerous. More so now that we have those ruts created by laying the underground cable lines. Can't count the number of times I have seen tourists on these scooters, fallen on the roadside. I am sorry this young man had to lose his life on one and my condolences go out to his family.

I have not heard nor read any reports of a shooting out by the Ritz Carlton so can't comment on that.

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Yeah a good friend of mine rented one for the hell of it. Another friend got cut off by some tourists and hit a stone wall with it on STT. He wasn't really hurt, just some scrapes, and he was lucky.

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