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Tours at Antilles and Montessori, Opinions?

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I will be touring both private schools on STT in about two weeks. I will need to make a choice between the two and let the employer know which one I want my three kids to attend. Any feedback or personal opinion on either of these schools would be helpful.

1. Is there anything specific I should ask or look for at each school to help me better compare them. (yes, I know how to do this at schools in the states, just wondering if there is anything particular to island school life)

2. What is the school community like (vibe, parental involvement, pressure on kids, freedoms, rules, expectations, opportunities)?

3. Have any of you had kids attend either of these schools?

4. How do local/long time residents view families from these schools?

Any input at all is appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

Posted : November 27, 2018 3:31 am
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Good afternoon Seeya - sent you a PM.

Posted : November 27, 2018 6:01 pm
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I know teachers and students from both schools. I also know graduates of all ages from both. I am partial to the Montessori method, but it isn't for everyone. There is a different vibe at these two. See which strikes your interest.

Posted : November 27, 2018 8:23 pm
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Both are excellent.
I'm on the Montessori side but you'll also have to consider your travel time, school, work, home, shopping and recreation locations to both.

Posted : November 27, 2018 9:19 pm
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The biggest difference to me is the size of both schools. Both offer excellent college oriented education and have high standards. Both have considerable parental involvement.
Antilles has a much longer history of high school education, Montesorri has only a few years of post 8th grade curriculum.
I personally feel Antilles offers a much wider spectrum of activities and has a much more developed campus. My daughter and her husband both graduated after 12 years attending Antilles over 25 years ago, some of her teachers are still working there. I don't hesitate to recommend Antilles School and just know less about Montessori.
I know many people who have gone to either or both schools, for many years Montessori students would move to Antilles when they got older as upper grade education wasn't available.
I somewhat agree with Alana's comment on travel times but with 3 children in school I think the educational opportunities should prevail over that consideration. You may not be living in the same place over the years either.
All VI high school graduates are actively recruited by stateside colleges to increase demographic and geographic diversity in their student enrollment which is a great advantage.
Families with children at either school involve a wide swath of the community and there is unlikely to be any stigma, discrimination or economic status conferred on the parent or child.

Posted : November 27, 2018 9:51 pm
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True. Good points

Posted : November 28, 2018 4:03 am
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Really excellent points and outlook. Thank you for your help!

Posted : November 28, 2018 4:05 am
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