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VI Weatherization Program

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Info. about a govt. program that you or somebody you know that could be qualified for.

The VI Weatherization Assistance Program (VI WAP) goal is to improve energy efficiency for elderly - 60 yrs +, people with disabilities (or family with 1 or more disable person), family with children under 5 yrs old, a family with high energy burden (20% or more of household income is going towards the energy bill), a family with high energy use (energy usage above as a result of household composition or unusual needs for energy), low income person/family(below 100% of poverty level.)

If eligible for program, you may have your inefficient household items replaced with energy efficient CFL's, an EnergybStar refrigerator, a hot water heater timer, low-flow showerhead, aerators, powerstrips, and receive educational material all free to the client by improving the energy efficiency of their homes while ensuring their health and safety.

You can be a renter(need landlord's permission) or owner of house.

Client intake, applications, and for more info.

St. Croix - M, W, F 9am-1pm Methodist Outreach & Training Center 773-1155
St. Thomas - M to F 9am-3pm Methodist Outreach & Training Center(Market Square) 714-7782
St. John - T & Th 9am-1pm St. John Methodist Church or St. Ursula's Multipurpose Center and the Adrian Senior Center 693-8580 or

St. Croix 713-VIEO
St. Thomas/St. John 714-VIEO

Posted : September 23, 2011 4:45 am
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