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I met a guy getting signatures to upgrade the viTran to use the Safari buses and standardize the system and lengthen the operation time until 10pm because of parking problems and to lessen the use of cars. What do you guys think about it?

I could tell you within the first three days of being here the most confusing thing is the buses, well the non existence of them and that the Safaris are the bus system. All of them follow the same route and that they are just the one's with all the locals on them who pull up and don't ask if you want a taxi. Is the goal to make as much money as possible off tourists through the taxi system? Because everyone just kept saying get a taxi, when we asked which Safari to take. I assumed they were part of viTran and went to the west side as well. We thought we just got lucky the two times we hopped on one and were waiting to buz to get off when they took a turn in a wrong direction. I've never heard of paying for a taxi "per-person either" It looks like a car or scooter is a must.

We are loving it though, nothing like a wondering day of adventure and "local secrecy" towards the safari. I thought I was back in Bangkok with everyone saying Taxi... Taxi Sr......... as you walk down the streets. gotta smile 🙂

just curious.....

Posted : July 8, 2008 12:07 am
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