Weather next week?  

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Coming to St Croix this Saturday and saw that the weather doesn't look oh so nice. So it says rain most of the days we will be there, my question is: does it rain for a short time and then it will be mostly nice (ie Florida)? Or will it be mostly cloudy and raining most of the day? I know here in Buffalo it could call for Rain and depending where you are it, it could be Sunny and nice or downright nasty. Thanks. Still will be better than 55 and raining here in NY. 🙂

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Most of the time the forecast is 20% chance of rain every day which means at any one place in the island you might get a short shower between sun. Like Florida only better. Unless you have bad luck like I did on the very first trip to STX where it rained every day most of the day, and everyone on the island said they've never seen so much rain before. The forecast will likely change every day.

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STX needs the rain so if it does rain, be happy for the island.
Hope you enjoy your visit.

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Bring shorts and baby powder. Its swamp ass hot. Some rain - usually short spurts. Water is murky lately out west which sucks. Still can see seahorses and frogfish and macro life - but not any good distance lately.

Did anyone read the swamp ass from Women who live on rocks last week. HILARIOUS. Love their blog.

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Thanks for reminding me about that blog 🙂

Just spent like an hour reading new stuff.. soo funny and so much more appropriate now

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