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Weekly/Monthly Car Rental on STX

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Hello again, everyone! I am coming to STX next weekend and will be looking for a car rental on a weekly or monthly basis, until I buy a car. Any ideas or referrals for who to talk to would definitely be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted : January 26, 2013 7:26 pm
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Sent you a PM....

Posted : January 26, 2013 11:10 pm
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Centerline has the best rates. Monthly $800.

Posted : January 26, 2013 11:12 pm
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Why aren't you bringing a car?

Posted : January 27, 2013 2:45 am
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I have always found that Olympic Rent A Car will beat any price on the island. They are part of ACE but go directly for a better price.

Posted : January 27, 2013 10:24 pm
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My current car still is under financing and my local bank won't allow it to be shipped over to the USVI. I could pay off the lien, but given my car's current value, the length of my contract down there (2 years max), and what it would probably be worth at the end of my contract, it seems like buying one down on STX is the best way to go.

Posted : January 27, 2013 10:30 pm
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Did you tell you bank that you're taking a government job? Toyota was not willing to let me ship mine either until they found out that I will be accepting a federal position, that changed everything. You might want to call back and ask! 🙂

Posted : January 28, 2013 3:36 pm
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Yeah I did. My financing is with the local state gov't credit union, so that probably enters into the equation. In any event, I have been driving a Mustang so it would be nice to have a little more room in a vehicle down there. On a related note, i've seen several people on here mention you can finance a car down there with PenFed? Anyone have any experience doing this?

Posted : January 28, 2013 6:19 pm
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You may be able to find a used rental for about $10,000, without much hassle. I would try to find something good on gas. Decent cars in the 3-5K range are hard to come by. The best used cars go quickly by work of mouth.

Posted : January 28, 2013 6:24 pm
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You can now book online at Centerline Car Rentals.

Welcome to St. Croix!

Posted : January 29, 2013 2:08 pm
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