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we're coming TOO!


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July 12, 2004 8:39 pm  

my friend and i are from MA and planning to move down to st thomas in september, we are just so excited but we have so much to do! im 18 and shes 22 we both would love to find waitressing jobs were we will be sure to meet many people...any suggestions on where to look? also, the car thing i rather avoid bringing my car down there is it logical not to have one at all... i know the island is only 13miles... what about mopeds!
any help would be great!

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July 13, 2004 5:47 am  

Comes up pretty often, but you'll usually get a unanimous response to the effect that mopeds, motorcycles, and even bicycles are risky on the islands. Potholes, steep hills, slippery roads after showers, blind curves, drivers (on the left) not accustomed to two wheelers, etc.

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