Wha? Gas prices are...

Wha? Gas prices are down on STX!  

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So gas prices are down on STX, finally! Gateway, Cruzan Petroleum, Shuama, Sion Farm and Super Tanks are all down - $3.77 regular and $3.97 premium.

At Cruzan Petroleum they told me they are buying gas from Puerto Rico now and that it is shipped in weekly.

So it seems that it is possible to get cheaper gas from Puerto Rico, after all, as some were discussing here on this board.


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How about that, a better way to do things around here! Great news; thank you for sharing.

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We even saw some $3.69's today at 5 corners and in princess.

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Yet they are also still buying from Hovensa as of Friday afternoon.

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Now what am I going to do with all my donkeys and carts? Anybody for some fried chicken little? lol

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