Where would you go ...

Where would you go if it weren't the USVI?  

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Just generating some discussion. The pros and cons of the islands are reviewed a lot here, but that could really be said for anywhere. If the cons began to outweigh the pros for you, where else would you consider living?

We're pretty set on USVI right now, and by the time we make our PMV we will have sold or stored most of our stuff, our house will be on the market and we'll be ready to come home to say our good byes and make the leap. So, worst case scenario, we know we don't want to stay where we are but every time the topic comes up "what if we don't like it" we have NO idea where else we would consider going! I know the responses would be different for everyone and no one here is going to know where I should live but I'd love to hear what others would do to get my wheels turning!

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West coast of Florida and East coast are very different. I've been on the East coast a bunch and would not live there.

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I want to live on my boat and home would be where ever the boat is.

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the keys, near tampa and the panhandle of florida would be the choices for me. az would be 4th pick, md 5th pick. we lived in the keys and loved it there. we lived in indian rocks beach and loved it there too. mom lives in havasu, and i love it there. i grew up in md, son lives there.panhandle seems to have lots to do and the cost of living seems to be low

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It seems that many people go to Florida when they leave here. I also know of folks who moved to North and South Carolina. Once you have tropical blood, it is hard to go to a cold climate. Brr.... I would definitely go somewhere in the south.

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I want to live on my boat and home would be where ever the boat is.

Ditto. Where are the sailors on this board? Are there any?


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