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Work and Sailing

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I have just been laid off from my job. I have a nice sailboat and am looking for something new. What are the computer jobs like and or the boat repair business like in the US-VI and where can you anchor for free or cheap. I live now in Florida but need that change

Posted : April 16, 2007 4:28 pm
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John - do a search on this forum, using keywords on the "search" engine and also going to the moving stories, FAQs, etc. You'll get a lot of information that way. There aren't too many "free" anchorages or moorings available - if, in fact, any. Boat repair and maintenance abilities are pretty much always in demand but getting yourself set up in business here to do that might be a whole 'nother story. Computer jobs likewise although you could probably hook up with one of the local dealers if you're good at problem-solving and sales,

I can understand how getting laid off from your job in FLA is really frustrating but take a deep breath and do your research on this forum before even contemplating any sort of a move. Cheers!

Posted : April 16, 2007 5:44 pm
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It is pretty inexpensive to put in a mooring ball in some of the areas around St. Croix. The annual permit fee is something like $250 and you also pay for the hardware and installation of the mooring ball, lines and bottom tackle. That is still much less than even one month of slip fees at a marina. There is some inconvenience involved in living on the hook as far as getting back and forth to shore (limited places to tie up a dinghy or park a car on the island) and bringing all your supplies out to the boat. If you have wind/solar generators to help keep up your batteries and a watermaker/desalinator, you will have a little easier time.

You can talk to some of the marinas about boat repair work. There are limited services available to boaters on STX and a fair amount more available on STT where there are more boats due to the proximity of the BVI's and charter clients.

I know someone who just moved here for 6 months as a computer technician on an "at large" position. He was hired through a company that sends technicians to a variety of places. I can put you in touch with him if you'd like to hear how it's going and get info on the company he was hired through.

Posted : April 16, 2007 5:56 pm
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