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Working from home - can it happen

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I currently work from home and have wanted to move with my cousin to St. Thomas. I know internet can be an issue. Does anyone else plan to move and work online.
Can you get fast enough internet to work from home?
Is the internet (even hardwired) reliable enough?
Anyone have experience with this?
Thanks for your help,

Topic starter Posted : May 1, 2018 3:27 pm

There are many people who work remotely from the VI.

I'm sure Alana33 and/or AandAVI will chime in with their thoughts shortly.

Posted : May 1, 2018 7:29 pm

Here I am!

Lots of people work from home "but"
I would say that much depends on the island you're planning on moving to, the location you live in and having a generator.

Everything is a bit fragile still.
On STT, we still experience numerous power outages.
Been back 3 months and lost count after about 60 outages in 2.5 months.

Sometimes it's 10 minutes, sometimes longer. There hasn't been more than a 3 - 4 day period that I've experienced that hasn't had an outage and sometimes we get a 2fer day. Doesn't mean it's islandwide but without a generator you might find it frustrating. Plus, not all locations are internet accessible at this point in time.

Speeds will probably not be what you're used to stateside and cost more.

Beeski can answer questions on connectivity for BBVI. Towers are line of sight and to best of my knowledge Mountan Top site still not repaired.

VIYA is not yet taking nor connecting new customers as they're still working on restoring service to previous customers.

It's all different experiences for everyone right now.

Others will chime in.
AandAVI works from home/designs websites, etc. I know she's been wanting to pull her hair out over connectivity or lack thereof so she'd be a good one to relate her experiences (on STT) also.

Things are improving, day by day.
However, all that can be set back by another big tropical storm or hurricane.

Good luck.

Posted : May 1, 2018 10:34 pm
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