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Can anyone tell me if there is a minimum sq. footage requirement to build? I would assume there would be for development property, but what about outside of developments, such as rural land. I am looking to purchase a small lot (under .50) and build a small home (less than 1,000 sq. ft). I am having a very hard time location this information

Thank you

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Contact DPNR Building Permits dept., they should be able to answer. I imagine as long as you can meet all the various building requirements the sq. footage shouldn't matter.

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Call DPNR.
Depends on zoning, etc.
Anyway you look at it, you'll have to apply for a building permit and have drawings,
plus things signed off on after inspections as building progresses. Be sure to have an excellent wastewater system.

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Has anybody ever gotten an answer by calling? Very seldom do you get a live person answering. Your best bet, imo, is to go in person and demand an answer.

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Demanding is not the right foot to get off on if you need help.
Going into office is probably best as it's difficult to get anyone in any government offices to help over the phone. When you do speak with someone, get their name and extension number as you'll have additional questions as time goes on and it's best to be able to reference back to whom you've had dealing with.
Always have copies of any paperwork you may have to submit, have those copies stamped and keep name of person submitted to if different from whomever you've been dealing with.

It just took me 5 months to renew my business license. What a saga!
To be fair, the holdup was not the fault of DLCA but IRB.
Luckily I had stamped copies of everything that I'd submitted to IRB as they had no record of anything I'd previously submitted and had stamped as received back in January when they requested it.

I started my renewal process in the beginning of December. Just got it done and license in hand last week. 4 trips out to IRB and numerous phone calls later.
May have to start next year's renewal process in September for my December 31st expiration date. What a headache.

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