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A Guide to Bone China

Bone china is considered to be the most refined and luxurious of tableware materials, adding sophisticated classical and contemporary design to any table - whether during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What is bone china (and what is bone china made of)?

Bone china is a durable, lightweight and elegant material that is most commonly used for the creation of tableware and teaware such as plates, bowls, mugs and teacups. Bone china is made from china clay, china stone and bone ash (made from animal bones).

To create bone china, either china clay, china stone, bone ash, or a combination of the three is combined with porcelain clay and fired at a slightly lower temperature than porcelain. This produces a light, delicate material with a milky, almost translucent appearance.

Benefits of bone china tableware

Investing in bone china dinner set comes with many benefits for your at-home eating experience. Bone china is the strongest material of the porcelain and china ceramics, meaning that it is likely to last through everyday use and the usual accidental slips of the hand or knocks off the table. Bone china is a luxurious and precious material, so will last for decades and can have amazing sentimental value when passed down through generations. It brings a perception of elegance and sophisticated taste to dining at home, making every day a special occasion!

Bone china is also:





Is bone china good for everyday use?

Bone china is considered to be the highest quality ceramic used for tableware, and is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions due to the fact that it’s strong, durable, mostly chip-resistant, and stunningly beautiful.

For an interesting fact, the durability of bone china is actually based on the percentage of bone ash content present within the product. The traditional formulation for bone china is about 25% kaolin, 25% Cornish stone and 50% bone ash. The industry minimum for bone content is 30% or higher.

Is bone china microwave safe? Yes! In fact, it’s microwave safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe.

How to wash your bone china

Here are some tips for washing your china tableware set:

-Wash dishes straight away to remove any acidic or sticky food residue.

-When handwashing, wash each dish individually using a mild liquid detergent and a non-abrasive cloth.

-Having a plastic tuc in the sink is also a good idea, as it will protect the china from the harsh stainless steel of the sink.

-If using a dishwasher, take care not to overload the rack, and keep metal items away from your fine bone china - even light contact can scratch, chip or crack your dishes.

How to keep your bone china in top condition

Here are some tips for keeping your china in stunning condition:

-Soak your pieces in white vinegar for three minutes before rinsing and towel drying them to remove hard water spots.

-Remove coffee stains from mugs (as well as fork marks from plates) by rubbing a paste of baking soda and water over the tableware before rinsing and drying.

-Prevent scratching and chipping your fine bone china tableware set, put it in a fabric storage case, or put segments of fabric, tissue paper or napkins between each piece when stacking.

The effects of porcelain and bone china on the taste of tea

Have you ever wonder whether porcelain and Bone China tea set ware can also affect the taste of tea? In fact, these two materials give different results in both body and aftertaste.

Bone China and Porcelain noticeably changes the taste

Many tea drinkers are aware that clay teapot can alter the taste and flavor of tea. However, very few may pay attention to the effect which porcelain and Bone China also alters the taste of tea. You might think that the differences are marginal. But if we compare both materials side by side, you will be surprised at how noticeable the differences are between Bone China and porcelain. The bone China clearly increases the body, while the porcelain decreases the body. On the contrary, the porcelain increases the after taste. The glass tea cup gave the body and after taste just in between porcelain and bone China.

We must care about the combination effect

In actual application, you may combine tea cup with various types of teapot or even tetsubin to obtain the desired taste. If you are using Nanbu tetsubin (cast iron kettle) or a good natural clay teapot for brewing tea, these tea wares will increase the aftertaste of tea. These materials contain iron ions that can change the taste of water. When I make tea using these tea wares, I prefer to use a Bone China cup to serve the tea. Nanbu tetsubin and natural clay teapot enhances the after taste while Bone China enhances the body. Using this combination, I can enjoy tea with both stronger body and aftertaste.

Why can Bone China increase the body of tea?

In my humble opinion, Bone China can increase the body of tea because of calcium added during its making process. According to the tradition, cow bone ashes were added into Bone China during the production. That is why it was referred as “Bone” China. Today, animal bone ashes are very seldom used in the production of Bone China. Instead of using cow bone ashes, the producers add in 30% (or more) calcium phosphate Ca3(PO4)2 .

In my understanding, the presence of calcium increases the body of water and tea. If you are familiar with Bone China ware, you will know that the surface of bone China is usually glazed with glass. During the glazing process, some calcium could be eluted into the glazing layer. As a result, the body of tea will be enhanced when we use a Bone China.


1. Good Gene: Improving Ceramic Properties by Adding Animal Bone Powder to Porcelain Maternal

Traditional ceramics add some industrial raw materials to improve the performance of ceramics. Bone porcelain is a kind of ceramics which adds herbivorous animal bone powder (mainly bovine bone powder) to the ceramic matrix. The main component of bone powder is calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate is a kind of amino acid, a nutrient that human body must supplement, and it is a real healthy ceramics. Traditional ceramics do not contain calcium phosphate.

2. Good origin: invented by the British, “foreign monks recite sutras”.

Porcelain was invented by the Chinese, but Fine bone china mugs was invented by the British in 1794 and became popular among the royalty and nobility in Europe.

3. Good-looking: white as jade, thin as paper, transparent as mirror, and sound like melody.

Bone porcelain has four characteristics in appearance: white as jade, clean and transparent, bright as jade; thin as paper, different from traditional ceramics, heavy as paper, light as paper, light and permeable with spirit; transparent as mirror, round and transparent, can be used as lampshades; sound like chime, melodious sound, echo around beams. Set practical and decorative in one.

4. Good character: lead-free, cadmium dissolution, avoid heavy metal poisoning

Bone ceramics, in the firing process, no lead, cadmium and other heavy metals dissolved, to avoid heavy metal poisoning to the greatest extent. Especially in families with children, children have poor resistance and are prone to lead excess or even lead poisoning, leading to a variety of diseases.

5. Wear well: The surface is delicate and smooth, and dishwasher is not needed.

Bone China has a high density, fine and smooth surface. Oil stains on bone china, like dew on Lotus leaves, are very easy to clean. Just give it a gentle flush with warm boiling water. Avoid detergent residues, detergent residues have great harm, the greatest harm will disrupt human metabolism.

5 Benefits of Porcelain Tableware You Need to Know

We have all used or at least seen porcelain kitchenware and tableware at some point in our lives. Porcelain was developed as tableware for the first time in Chine, leading to its second name, “fine China” or just “China” tableware.

These fine-looking pieces of ceramic give you both a good feel while holding it and strong material. Tableware made from China has proved to be sturdier, flexible, and more resistant to wear and tear, and that is why we think it is a good investment for you.

Following are some of the critical advantages of using porcelain tableware that you must consider when purchasing.

Greater Variety of Products:

Porcelain tableware gives you more options in terms of the designs and colors of the products.

Such tableware includes stuff like porcelain plates, knives and forks, drinking glasses, Sake flasks, bowls, soup pots, cups, and so much more. This wide variety gives you something to present to your guests on all occasions.

You can use this fine tableware for birthdays, tea parties, funerals, and many other such occasions to have a memorable dining experience.

Whether you have a classic and sophisticated gathering of people from your work or just having your friends over for dinner, you can bring out this fine-looking tableware and make a pretty good first impression.

It is Durable

One of the most significant risks of owning ceramic tableware is of breaking it unintentionally. No matter how much care you are, there is bound to be a time when you mishandle the silver and cause it to break.

However, the risk reduces significantly if you choose porcelain tableware instead of simple clay or stoneware. Porcelain is a highly dense material and possesses excellent mechanical resistance, contributing a lot to its strength.

Microwave Friendly:

Porcelain’s higher density and ability to distribute the heat evenly on the entire material make it less heat sensitive. It is good news for you if you like to microwave your food or drinks often.

Putting everyday low-quality ceramics in the microwave causes them to break down and even poses some serious risks to the integrity of food and your health.

This is why most experts seem to encourage the use of porcelain-based tableware since it does not decompose under heat and thus ensures your safety and your food’s taste and quality.

Low Maintenance Tableware:

This is another helpful thing about porcelain tableware. The material is non-stick, which means it is straightforward to clean and dry once you use it.

Most tableware takes longer to clean up, especially when you have had something greasy or oily to eat. The porcelain’s non-sticky nature allows you to clean it off very quickly and with the least amount of effort.

So, in a way, you can say that porcelain tableware also saves your time and energy while doing the dishes and makes the whole process less draining.

It is Light Weight:

Porcelain is prepared under very high temperature and pressure, which gives it a fine glass-like texture and lightness. It is a crucial thing to look for in tableware. Make sure the stuff you pick is easy to carry around and strong enough to resist breakage on the first fall.

If the plates and bowls are too heavy, it will be tough to lift them occasionally while eating, leading to a bad dining experience. Buying heavier tableware causes issues while cleaning it as well.

You find it very hard to hold the plates or bowls, and you might drop something despite being very careful. So, no matter what people say, you should pick lightweight porcelain tableware since it is both robust and convenient to use.

The Advantages Of Using Porcelain Tableware

Just in the porcelains family, ceramic could be the material. The nicer the china, the pricier the product becomes more. Ceramic such as elasticity, strength, permeability and translucency's properties has generated ceramic a kitchen ware and also a comprehensive worth of funds. Besides these, they are popular and also a Very Good Decision to create because of the following motives:


Because it spreads the warmth via the elements equally porcelain can be an excellent and practical materials for oven or microwave dishes. It has been fired at rather significant temperature during its creation can proves the heat-resistant nature of porcelain. Porcelain is acceptable for use in microwaves ovens and freezers.


Despite its own look, Porcelain is one among the most powerful and most dinnerwares you really must consider becoming. Dinnerware manufactured from Porcelain is lasting and overburdened because of it being fired in a large temperatures during its creation.

Nonstick & Easy to Wash

Due to its glassy feel that is easy, porcelain bowls supply users easily throughout plating and cleaning after evening meal. Having dish soap and just water you are able to secure away grease stains.


Porcelain tableware come in different colours, forms and colors. Making it suitable for events and virtually any events. You are able to experiment and play around with distinctive colors and determine the way that it matches with the theme of the meal.

Massive Collection Possibilities & Inexpensive

Porcelain tableware is actually really a significant deal as comes in various variations of sizes colours, forms and colours. You acquire any colours or maybe can plan for a style.

Provide your kitchen a makeover with porcelain kitchen products that don't just give you a visually pleasing appearance but additionally these rewards that we have discussed about.

Possessing ceramic kitchenware was a sign of aristocracy from the olden days but with all the improvement of the age, you can buy porcelain wares at prices that are really reasonable.


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