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Take Action: Protect Wildlife from Climate Change


Climate change has claimed one of its first victims—and it doesn't live in the Arctic.

The golden toad of Costa Rica is completely extinct, and scientists believe global warming is to blame. Who's next?
The golden toad is far from alone. Many species are suffering from the effects of climate change. The adorable Arctic fox is losing hunting ground to the bigger, stronger red fox, and is unable to out-hunt this new competition. The iconic flamingo is in danger of losing its wetlands—its home—to floods and rising sea levels.

Sea turtles' genetic diversity is at great risk, as their genders are determined by the temperature at which their eggs are incubated. Warmer eggs become female, throwing off the gender balance and their ability to reproduce.

Even the largest animal known to have ever lived on earth—the Blue Whale—isn't safe. Melting glaciers and permafrost are flooding oceans with fresh water, decreasing salinity levels. That, combined with warmer seas, could shift the location and abundance of krill, threatening the blue whale's main food source.

Climate change may be a human-caused problem, but we're not alone in facing the consequences. Help protect these wonderful creatures from our mistakes—and from ending up in the same boat as the golden toad.

Take Action: Tell Congress you want wildlife protected from the disastrous effects of climate change.

Topic starter Posted : June 21, 2013 12:36 pm
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