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2001 Chevy Malibu and awesome car stereo!  


Marty on STT
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January 5, 2013 1:51 pm  

2001 Chevy Malibu, 6 cyl, 48k, needs head gasket (I can do it for you), $1,000

Stereo out of that car: Sony High Power head unit (50x4), with CD, Aux
In jack on front panel, removable face, with Bluetooth (talk on your cell thru speakers or steam music from your cell, $100. Boston Acoustic 6x9
Speakers, $40. Boston Acoustic 4x6 speakers, $30. JL Audio 12" Subwoofer, in enclosure, 1,500w power handling, $250 (this thing THUMPS!!). Polk Audio tweeters, mount anywhere, $30. MB Quart, DSC 4125, 4x125w, 4/2/1 bridgable, $150, Crunch 1400.4, 1,400w total power amp, 4/3/2/1, with punch controller, for adjusting the amount of bass at your fingertips when used as subwoofer amp (as I did), $100 Rockford Fosgate Prime R250-4 amp, 250x4, 4/3/2/1, $200. As a package deal, $900. Never abused, amps never run into clipping, so all speakers are as 'new'. You will sound better than the brothas! Theirs is all muddy bass, while this system is deep, tight bass, with crystal clear mids and highs...listen before you decide!

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