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Basic Used Furniture needed Aug 10th in STX

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Dear folks-already-on-STX -

Now that TS Chris is less interesting (whew)....

Could you help with suggestions for buying basic used furniture,
or reasonably priced new furniture?

Any favorite stores? I hear CostULess & K-Mart are decent sources.
Anyone moving or upgrading?

I plan to come Aug 10th for just a few days to acquire some additional basic furniture for our two 2-3 BR duplex apartments. Sturdy island-friendly used furniture would be just fine - ultimately for our own use, as well as renters meantime.

The most important needs, in order of priority are:
(2) loveseats
(2) coffee tables
1 or 2 light-weight dressers

2 sets of basic table settings, kitchen equipment, etc.

We can consider other "bargain" items that we see along the way of hunting down the items listed above. We are buying two new queen beds, new refrig & stove.

I prefer dark rattan (to match what we already have),
or other light-weight tropical-friendly materials,
with removeable washable slip-covers.
I won't have time to refinish or repair anything that needs TLC.

I hear wicker and futon styles tend to be best buys on STX, if buying new.

General advice might help others (a "search" of the archive didn't yield much, although maybe I missed the best keywords...). Please email me directly with specific items to not overburden the message board. Photos and/or descriptions are helpful.

Thanks for any advice. - Joanna

Posted : August 2, 2006 5:54 pm
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Actually, I would like the board 'burdened' because I am interested in the same info. When posts are on the general board then the information on opinions is archived. Also, you may raise an interesting topic that people such as myself have not considered quite yet!

Posted : August 3, 2006 3:24 am
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The Sunday Avis usually has ads from people leaving the island who are selling their stuff. Check it out.

Posted : August 3, 2006 11:37 am
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You can check at the Women's Coalition in Peter's Rest across from Inkdrop, just east of Cost U Less on the south side of the street. Nice stuff, good prices :-]

Posted : August 3, 2006 12:23 pm
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Thanks for the suggestions!

Someone recommended a used furniture store called "Uniquities" at Peter's Rest. I googled around and cannot find a phone number to do advance scouting by phone. Maybe I am spelling it wrong?

When I come Aug 10th for my four day "fix-up" trip, I would like to obtain a USVI phone book to take back to Philadelphia with me.

Having heard all the warnings about "inefficiencies" , does anyone know an easy way to get a phone book - whether new or recent is fine? I am not a telephone customer yet.

I will call the phone company if no suggestions.... but, hmmmmm, I can't just look up their number!.

-- Joanna

Posted : August 4, 2006 12:19 pm
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Here's the local phone book:

Posted : August 4, 2006 5:07 pm
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Uniqueties is open W-S, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.. Number is 340-692-1313. They have some great stuff in there. Also check out this place - I think it's called Rare Finds (not sure) - it's kind of behind Ice Cream Decadence.

Posted : August 6, 2006 2:13 am
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Thanks for the continuing suggestions! They will make our short time so much more productive.

You might be amused by a glitch in Innovatives on-line phonebook. The look-up method takes unusually many steps (fine, I can deal with that), but at the end a bright red bar covered (instead of highlighting) the store, address and phone number I was looking for. No problem, I have other clues to find that particular store.

As a website designer, I know this glitch could be my particular computer configuration -- until later this summer, for home searches, I have an older Mac IE.

Thanks again -- Joanna

Posted : August 6, 2006 12:30 pm
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