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Hello there! For people who are moving to the island and want or need to do some landscaping, I am a grower, both for retail and wholesale. If you present me with what you are doing, if it is a large job, I will bring the price of your plants to just over wholesale. There are currently 160+ varieties of plants including fruit trees, great tropical bushes, trees and all of the things that pull the landscape together such as Amazon Lilies, sub-shrubs (canna, heliconia like the bird of paradise, and gingers, groundcovers, annuals that last for years). For $25-, I am a licensed Horticultural Consultant, and I will even help you to plan your garden or set of gardens that will make up your landscape. This heavy discount is reserved for those who again are doing a major project, not just purchasing a plant or two.

For landscapers and nurseries, I do offer full wholesale. These items will be the plants that are so often purchased from Florida or other nurseries off island. I am competitive with their prices, but do not charge shipping unless it is to another island, and even then it is minimal. We will do full sized plants, plugs, 4" and 3-600's. Plugs are done by the order.

Please contact me through this board, visit me at 42 Flamboyant Welcome M-F, 1-6, Sat., 10-3, or call me at 340-513-7941 to make an appointment.

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Posted : July 27, 2007 1:09 pm
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Daniel do you have any key lime trees?

Posted : July 27, 2007 2:09 pm
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