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For sale: Womens Scubapro BCD


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May 28, 2009 8:40 pm  

This is the Women's high end SCUBAPRO Glide Star BCD, size S. BCD is located in St. Croix.

This model has the sturdy metal (not plastic) D rings, is weight integrated, has pockets for balancing weights,has comfortable fleece neck roll, the fit is adjustable in all direction, the backplate super comfortable. Also, this BCD currently7 has an the integtared "Air2" regulator attached: with this you do not need to carry an extra octopus! I will even change the mouthpiece of the Air2 to a brand new Scubapro mouthpiece for you.

The BCD is in great condition, fully functional and shows very little wear. I am upgrading (actually downgrading as I am going to a cheaper model BCD myself) due to needing a bigger size.

I bought this BCD for $700+ and the Air2 was an additional $120.

I am selling the whole package including the BCD with the Air 2 for $390.

This is an opportunity to get a very nice, well cared for Womens BCD package at a incredibly good price. So if you are looking for a super nice Women's BCD, but have "Champagne taste but a beer budget" this is a rare opportunity!

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May 29, 2009 1:11 am  

I am interested, if you could call me sometime this weekend 720-201-8966

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