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Found: Beige Puppy in La Grande Princesse


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October 19, 2009 1:24 pm  

A male puppy moseyed his way into our yard last week. He is small and young (testes haven't dropped) and he is very adorable. Big ears, blue eyes, light beige short hair coat. We call him Joey because he looks like a baby kangaroo 🙂 He is shy and wary of people, I'm thinking he's a bush pup but in case someone's missing him, I wanted to post. We also put signs up in the neighborhood and have spoken with Dr. Hess and the Shelter. We would keep him, but unfortunately we have an older dog with a very high instinct to kill smaller animals, and she is getting defensive around him. If someone would like to adopt Joey, let me know. He is very sweet and loves to be held, not so fond of baths 🙂 We will be taking him to the shelter, but telling them to alert us before putting him down, if this is the only option. We would rather have him back to find a home than have him put down. Pictures were taken with my phone, so not the best.

- next to our 38lb 4 month old for a comparison shot. she is very good with him, and is teaching him how to play rough, lol
- he loves to chew on hooves

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