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High end stereo equipment for sale  

Marty on STT
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I am going to be moving to the Dominican Republic and I want to reduce my shipping, so I am going to part with my stero/home theater:

(Parenthesis is the retail price)

-Outlaw Audio 950 Pre/Pro ($1,200)

-Acurus A250 Main Amp (250 RMS at 8, stable to 2 at 450) ($1,000)

-Definitive Technology BP7002's for Mains ($2,398)
(built in powered 12" sub in each one, powered by individual dual 350w amps)

-Rotel RB-993 (200X3) Center and Surround Amp ($1,500)

-DefTech CLR2500 for Center Channel ($899)
(10" powered sub built in)

-DefTech BP2X for Side Surround ($538)

-Acurus A150 Side Surround amp ($850)

-DefTech BP2X for Rear Surround ($538)

-Two (2) Polk Audio PSW10 for Rear Subs ($199ea)

-Sony PS3 for Blu-Ray/DVD/CD/games ($499)

-GlowPower Zyxt Interconnects ($1,443)

-Anti-Cable speaker cables for main and center ($44)

-12 gauge Monster Audio Cable ($99)

-Honeywell 12Ga speaker wire (200') ($299)

-Two (2) Woon VWS-100 Tactile Transducers ($160)

-Cerwin Vega LW-12 Amp (for the Woons) ($499 for the whole thing, but I just have the amp, which I got free, so I'm guessing half of that for the amp, only - so.................................$250)

About $13,000 MSRP.... You should hear it! (and feel it!) FAN-Freakin-TASTIC!!!

I have it all set up as a 7.1 (well, 7.5 actually!) system....make an offer on the whole thing or just buy the pieces you need....as an example, the Acurus A250 should be bought with the BP7002's, but you don't have to...come give it a listen and see what you think...340-643-4922


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Good Luck in the DR!!

Marty on STT
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Thanks! I've been here on STT for 15 years and I met a lady that lives in Santo Domingo...going to marry her and move there...what a beautiful country!

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