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I have some items to sell as I figure out what to keep and what to ship off-island over the next few weeks.
Some of the items that will definitely be available between June 7-18th include:

2 hard wood end tables with one drawer each
Cane/Rattan/Glass top dining table with 4 cushioned chairs
6 drawer wicker dresser with glass top - in medium brown color wicker
table top water cooler with hot/cold functions with spare 5 gallon water bottles
Lots of pans, towels, dishes, kitchen utensils, small appliances, etc. Most in great condition and some brand new.
Basically NEW heavy duty weed eater with accessories and small gas can
8' step ladder
Rubber Maid style stacking drawer sets with casters - several sets in black or white with clear drawers
Christmas decor
Halloween costumes
scuba weights - lots
3 scuba tanks (2 are due for new Hydro)
steel wire shelving units. There are four 4' wide units and four 3' wide units in good condition. Some were recently spray painted.
upright vacuum (bagless and nearly new)
New Queen size bedding set (comforter, sheets, throw pillows, curtains) from JC Penney's - green tones
women's golf clubs with bag and rolling airline carry bag
Artwork and nick nacks and candles/holders
Rubbermaid Bushel Tub - great for use as a toybox or for washing dive gear, etc.
Coleman lanterns and 3-burner camp stove
sleeping bag
white stackable patio chairs
shop vac

More items will be added as I work my way through the storage unit. If you're seeking anything in particular, just ask. I may have it.
Prices negotiable with discounts for multiple items purchased.

Call or email with questions

Alexandra Bentley

Posted : May 30, 2012 5:52 pm
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More stuff that's available:

Brand new LG dehumidifier still in box.
Over-John cabinet for bathroom - white melamine
heavy duty plastic 2 drawer file cabinet
plastic file boxes
Assorted hand tools, screw driver bits, etc.
Boxes of parts and supplies for replacing electrical outlets, doing minor plumbing repairs, and painting supplies
Half a dozen brand new lever style door knobs
Brand new solar powered outdoor lights in stainless steel - set of 15
mops, brooms, buckets
wrapping paper (lots, mostly Xmas but some birthday and generic)
slim line artificial Christmas tree on rotating stand. (pretty cool)
Trikke T8 cambering work-out vehicle (see
extension cords
HomeMedics foot bath with lots of attachments - basically new
HomeMedics back massager still in box
HomeMedics parafin hand bath still in box
Rubbermaid (and similar brand) storage bins in assorted sizes

Posted : May 31, 2012 3:20 pm
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yard sale?

Posted : May 31, 2012 4:13 pm
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It's all in a storage unit right now, so finding a "yard" to have a sale in is tough. I'll meet people to show what's available.

More items available:

Fire Safe
jewelry armoire
rolling mop bucket
fluorescent ceiling light fixture - octagonal cover
picnic basket with dishes/wine glasses
place mats, table runners, table cloths - in Burgundy and a few other items

Posted : May 31, 2012 8:17 pm
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Posted : May 31, 2012 10:09 pm
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why are you yelling?

Posted : May 31, 2012 10:31 pm
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Ava - I get back on-island next week and will be able to meet people to show what's available once I've been there a couple days. Most of the stuff is in a storage unit, so it would help if you let me know in advance any items you'd be particularly interested in so I can figure out how to dig them out of the depths of the storage space if they don't happen to be conveniently right up front. I have pictures of some of the big items and will get more once I'm back on the island and going through things. The houseware items are things I'd kept for myself thinking I'd need to set up a new place when I got back to STX, but now I'm going to be living elsewhere for the next year and will sell as much as I can so I have less to ship.

Posted : June 1, 2012 5:52 pm
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The lanterns and stove, the wired kitchen racks, fire safe, storage containers (especially glass ones, like ball jars if you have any), extension cords, hand tools, solar lights maybe. These are the things I'd like to check out. Maybe some other small kitchen stuffs, like a wire mesh strainer.

Posted : June 1, 2012 6:18 pm
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Hi, interested in weedwacker please tell me what brand, also shopvac. I 'm also looking for washing machine, double bed or queen, or sofa-bed. 340-5132022 thanks.

Posted : June 5, 2012 4:46 am
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Good Morning!

I am interested in the items below. Also, I am looking for a clothing armoire for a rental apartment - nothing big. Would you have this item?
Please let me know when I could see these. Thank you and have a great day.


Rubber Maid style stacking drawer sets with casters - several sets in black or white with clear drawers

Rubbermaid Bushel Tub - great for use as a toybox or for washing dive gear, etc.

white stackable patio chairs

Posted : June 5, 2012 12:12 pm
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i would like your plastic file cabinet and maybe some kitchen items - are you back on island yet?

Posted : June 5, 2012 3:52 pm
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I got back on island this afternoon and have a few appointments to keep tomorrow, so will be ready on Thursday to start meeting people interested in purchasing items. A few items have had a lot of interest, so the first one with cash gets to buy. Due to my limited time available, I can't hold things for someone who "might" want to buy them in a week or two.

Most items are stored at Northside Storage on northside road adjacent to the old Nissan dealership. I won't be there all the time, so call ahead to be sure I'll be around and give me an idea of your time frame for showing up along with what you'd be interested in seeing and I'll pull things out as best I can.

I won't have email and internet access while working my way through the storage units, so call my cell if you want to reach me and get a response.


Posted : June 6, 2012 2:11 am
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For those who have asked, the weed whacker is the Echo 225 model sold at Home Depot. I paid $219 and now they dropped the price to $199. I'm including a small gas can, some extra bottles of motor oil, and some extra cutting line. Asking $150 as it was only used for about 15 minutes and is essentially brand new.

I'll be at the storage unit most of the day tomorrow and again on Friday and Saturday for sure. Stuff should be available to be seen between 11 AM and 3 PM each day as it takes a while to pull enough out of the storage unit to see more than the front layer of what's stored inside. And then I need time to put it all back in before the facility closes in the afternoon. The quicker some of the big stuff sells, the easier it will be to fit what's left back inside, so by all means come out and buy lots of stuff! lol

This will be at Northside Storage on northside road immediately adjacent to the old Nissan dealership (a little ways west of 5 Corners).

Call before coming out to ensure that I'm there and something else didn't come up that I had to deal with elsewhere. Also, if you are interested in specific items, please let me know you are coming so I can dig them out if they aren't already easy to find.


Posted : June 6, 2012 5:39 pm
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Good Morning,

I am interested in the furniture and week wacker. Are you going to be at the storage unit today? That would be best, or early tomorrow.


Posted : June 7, 2012 1:42 pm
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Items that have already sold include:

All the steel wire shelving units are sold
The weed whacker is sold
The 8' step ladder is sold
the vacuum is sold
the shop vac is sold
the plastic filing cabinets are sold
The solar outdoor light set is sold

Some other assorted items have also sold, but there's plenty left!

In addition to items listed in previous posts, more things available include:

espresso machine
George Foreman mini grill
Oster Kitchen Center stand mixer
iced tea machine
bread machine
Lots of crystal serving pieces, platters, bowls, etc
Pyrex baking dishes in assorted sizes
nested sets of ceramic mixing/serving bowls - one wet is purple and one set is green (from Gallows Bay)
12 place settings of Grape pattern stoneware, plus chip and dip set in matching pattern (from Gallows Bay)
Antique China set with lots of accessory pieces in the "American Rose" pattern 1655
Glasses, acrylic tumblers, crystal wine glases
several sets of Queen Size sheets
Several bath towel sets in Green or Blue
Lots of awesome beach towels
folding camp chair
floating water sling-style chair
lots of serving platters, chip/dip trays, etc
assorted plastic containers, pitchers, canisters, ice trays, insulated beverage cups, thermoses, etc
white plastic coated wire kitchen cupboard racks (extra shelves to create more space in your cabinets or pantry)
WearEver Pan set
baking sheets and cooling racks
cutting boards
kitchen knives and steak knives
boxes full of cooking utensils and accessories
tortilla warmer
margarita glasses
silver chafing dish
bar tool set with martini shaker
Bins full of assorted cleaning supplies, drain clog remover, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, etc
Several heavy duty laundry baskets
Several rubbermaid laundry hampers with vented sides
Table linens
Xmas decor and an Xmas tree
LG brand dehumidifier - brand new in box
Jugs of motor oil
electrical outlets and switches and plate covers
Table top fans - several
assorted decor items, candle sticks, nick nacks
wall mirror with ivory color wicker frame and arched top
Assorted canned food and bottled sauces, etc

Lots of open alcohol in many varieties. I can't ship it. Anyone want to stock their bar with about 50 partial bottles?
If not, it might be one heck of a "leaving island party".

There's just a lot of assorted "stuff" that has collected over time. It all has to go, so feel free to make offers on a pile of things that you might find useful.

Posted : June 7, 2012 10:26 pm
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The guy who was supposed to pick up the weed whacker and the solar lights never came by this weekend, so they are once again up for grabs. Still have lots of other great stuff even after quite a bit has sold.

Also have assorted ice chests from mini to mid-size up to a big one with the can holders built into the lid top.
2 gallon igloo dispenser,
assorted other fridge dispensers,
iced tea brewing machine,
crystal bowls and platters and relish trays,
candles of all kinds, decorative candle sticks in sets of 3 matching in various designs including some that look like palm trees,
assorted nick nacks and decor items,
lots of Xmas decorations of all kinds.
Lamps (need new shades)
Box of light bulbs of various kinds
Tons of assorted cleaning supplies
Lots of cans of OFF bug spray
Sun Screen
shampoo and other such toiletries in quantity

A few scuba items available
suitcases, including one "Armor" brand that is specifically designed for scuba gear with fin and regulator pockets, etc.
Men Size 11 scuba boots to wear under fins
BCD (could benefit from replacement hose that you can get online for about $20)
SCUBA crew pack for open water diver course

PIC cards if you are an instructor and some EFR cards as well. I started using the electronic version and never used up the last of my supply of paper cards, but they are still good to use for certs.

oak wall mount medicine cabinet that also works great as a media cabinet
stackable plastic drawer sets, currently filled with tools, office supplies, toiletries, etc., which are also available for purchase

Still have a glass top dining table with 4 padded wicker chairs available
Wicker 6 drawer dresser with glass top piece
rubbermaid bushel tub - great for washing dive gear or as a toybox or for a couple cases of beer and ice at a party, etc. So Useful!

Two Tall photo frames that have 5 matted holes each for 5X7 pictures. About 1' wide by 4' tall over all. Oak frame.

Assorted picture frames and photo albums available
picnic basket with accessories
Halloween costumes, including some adult costumes that haven't been used
laundry baskets - heavy duty in great condition
Lots of rubbermaid style storage bins with lids (several various brands and sizes)
extension cords - some 6-10' cords plus some 50' cords
100' water hose
timer for water hose
patio style coil hose for watering house plants, etc.
6 gallon gas can
milk crate
stencil set for wall art with palm trees and bamboo and fish and other assorted designs. Easy to use
Lots of assorted kitchen items still remaining
Tons of bath towel sets and beach towels
small garbage cans
shower curtains
queen and twin size sheets
twin/full comforter in Greens
Twin mattress pad
retractable leash for pet
Furminator deshedding tool for small to mid-size pets still in original packaging
mop bucket
push broom
dust mop
assorted computer games and gaming books
Several boxes full of paper plates, solo cups and other party supplies
plastic platters
wood serving platters
deep fryer
steak knife set in knife block
cookie sheets
cooling racks
ceramic mixing bowl sets
stainless steel mixing bowls (lots of various sizes)
Large Griddle
lots of tote bags and back packs
9 reams of copy paper (office max brand)
many rolls of duct tape
assorted hand tools, screw driver bits, drill bits, tape measures, 4' beam level
Painting supplies
electrical repair supplies
plumbing supplies
assorted hardware such as deck screws, cable mount clips, etc.
brand new lever door knob sets (interior doors without locks)
plumbing snake - used once

And yes, there's a whole lot more that hasn't been listed yet.

Posted : June 11, 2012 2:24 am
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Thanks for the stuff today. I called you about the rest of the racks, if they become available, please let me know. Will you be there tomorrow, I may need some more stuff.

Duct tape, Mirror, Extension cord, power strip if you have it, maybe a couple steal mixing bowls, maybe a back pack, if it's a large hicking over night type, a bulb for the rechargable lantern.

Thanks for the stuff today 🙂

Posted : June 11, 2012 3:27 am
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I should be there today from 11 until 3 or thereabouts if you want to browse through to find another car load! If you want to pick up all the racks, please call before heading out and I can get them dug out and ready to go.

Posted : June 11, 2012 12:38 pm
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Had a GREAT day at the moving sale today. Lots of people drove away with very full vehicles, which makes my daily process much easier to set up and put the remainder back away at the end of the day. THANKS to all who have come by and purchased a few things... or a lot of things!

There is still plenty of great merchandise to choose from. If you've been by before, you might want to come back as more is being unveiled as I dig into the very back bins that were stored plus the loft area that wasn't dug into at all the first few days.

Still available at storage unit location:

Solar yard light set (15 stainless steel lights)
Trikke cambering work-out vehicle. ( It's the T8 Sport model
Echo 225 Weed Whacker with accessories (essentially new as it was used for all of 15 minutes)
Wearever Pan set
cookie sheets and cooling racks
Pyrex bakeware
Crystal serving dishes
24 ounce Cooler glasses
plastic barware (wine glasses, martini glasses, ice bucket set)
Other assorted plastic glasses and insulated mugs, etc.
ice chests of various sizes
beverage jugs and dispensers - many assorted kinds and sizes
espresso machine
George Foreman mini grill
bread machine
egg poacher
deep fryer
platters - assorted
3 piece nested ceramic serving bowls - plum color exterior with white interior
chip and dip set
antique china set in "American Rose" pattern
crystal wine glasses
crystal decanter with stopper
assorted open alcohol
a few scuba gear pieces, snorkel fins and masks, etc.
table top fan
queen size air mattress and electric pump for inflation
travel iron
travel iron/steamer
bins full of assorted cleaning supplies, dish soaps, drain cleaners, etc
bins of assorted toiletries
bug spray
soaps and shampoos
Several bins of towels, some in sets and some assorted strays
sheets and mattress pads
blankets and bed spreads, including some brand new. Sizes twin, queen, king
end tables that can also work as night stands
over-john cabinet
oak wall-mount medicine cabinet with locking doors for safety
wicker framed wall mirror
stackable plastic drawer sets that also have casters - sets with deep drawers and with shallow drawers.
paper plates, napkins, solo cups, plastic utensils - several bins full of assorted stuff
wrapping paper
Xmas decorations, tree, linens, lights, blow-up snowmen, etc
computer games and game guide books
dozens upon dozens of hangers
plastic storage bins in several sizes. Also make great shipping boxes.
handyman supplies for painting, electrical or plumbing work.
Plumbing snake
door knobs
assorted hardware, screws, cable clips, bondo, etc.
wire closet shelving with braces for mounting
hand tools, saws, drill bits, screw driver bits, socket sets, hammers, hatchet, measuring tapes, duct tape, and more
assorted office supplies plus 9 reams of copy paper
scuba weights in 3, 4 and 5 pound sizes. Some soft and some hard weights.
candle stick sets
decorative baskets
cook books
cooking utensils
corning ware roasting/casserole dish - large
non-stick griddle
2 ceramic teapots
1 tea kettle
ARMOR brand SCUBA gear suitcase for dive travel or storing your gear
assorted suitcases in medium and large sizes
stuffed animals
board games and puzzles and cards
cooking utensils
rolling mop bucket and mop
dust mop
push broom
long handled paint roller
8' aluminum curtain rod, 1" diameter - also great for mounting a cell phone booster antenna!
Another aluminum rod about 5' long
Huge bag of Mardi Gras beads. Party anyone?
photo frames, including a pair of tall frames that hold five 5x7 prints each
remote door bell - new in packaging
2 table lamps - need new shades
small garbage cans
toilet brushes
shower curtains
hose timer

And lots, LOTS more!!!

Still available at Condo location:
wicker 6 drawer dresser with glass top piece
dining table with glass top and 4 padded wicker chairs
table top water cooler with 3 five gallon jugs
rubbermaid bushel tub
kitchen style garbage can with foot operated lift lid

Posted : June 11, 2012 9:35 pm
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Is the dresser still available?

Posted : June 12, 2012 8:46 pm
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Yes, the dresser is still available.

I'll be at the storage unit today from 10-3 for the basic moving sale. Lots of great stuff still available.

If you want to see the dresser, it's at my condo at St. C's and I'd have to set a specific appointment with you and let my tenants know we'd be by. Call me to set it up if you'd like. 340-514-5591

Posted : June 13, 2012 12:12 pm
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Oops, make that I'll be at storage today from 11-3.
There have been too many emails to deal with this morning since my House Hunters International episode aired last night!

Posted : June 13, 2012 2:11 pm
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