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Jeep Wrangler For Sale (STX)

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Reluctantly selling my Red 1997 2.5L Jeep Wrangler Automatic w/ approximately 111k miles. In very good condition, reliable and runs well. Upgraded fuel injectors (Bosch 4-hole models) to enhance performance (good pickup) and gas mileage (gets approx. 15 mpg driving on STX). 4WD used repeatedly in the hills on the north shore. I've made sure to properly maintain it while I've owned it. AM/FM/CD Player & Sound Bar. New spark plugs & wires, new battery, new tie rod ends, new tires (all 4), new brake pads, and new serpentine belt. Has 1-yr old Bestop bikini top on it now, and includes removable upper doors w/ skins, all of which are in factory spice color. Will also throw in full top w/ tinted rear windows and channel in factory spice color ($400 value, usually has to be ordered from the states). All in all, it's been an awesome island jeep for me, and i'll be sad to see it go, but I need something a little less rugged for my job.

$6900 OBO. PM for more details.

Photos available at Craigslist:

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