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Leaving STX

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Well my travel nursing job is about to end, and as sad as I am to leave the island, I have to go tend to my dog at home. I am selling my jeep (see prior post) and leaving my awesome condo. The landlord is great, and so I wanted to post his condo for anyone out there looking for a great place to live. I live in St C, the condo is on the bottom row of apartments right on a cliff on the ocean. It's off of Northside Road, near Judith's Fancy. The waves are breathtaking, the winds are great- I've never had to use the AC. We open the windows and literally fall asleep to the sounds of waves crashing. The condo is a huge 1 bedroom with really up to date furniture and appliances. The $1700/month rent includes water and cable TV. Electric bill and high speed Internet are extra. Internet is $45/month. My landlord is so wonderful and accomodating, and I really wanted to try to see if I could find another tenant for him. I have enclosed some pictures, but Ill tell you- the condo is prettier than the pictures give it credit for. If I can offer any more information please email me as i dont check this site much., and Ill put you in contact with him.

Posted : March 18, 2009 2:23 am
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