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Moving Sale coming up on STX! (A couple vehicles, too!)

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OK, despite tons of delays and frustration, I am FINALLY able to go ahead with getting all the remaining property out of my house so the new buyer can move in.

The official moving sale will be next weekend, January 28-29, but I'll also be available for some private showings late this week and just after the weekend for those who need weekday appointments.

I need the next few days to haul things from the garage into the house to sort through and set up so things can be seen before making stuff available for purchase. Therefore I can't really set up for private appointments until Thursday. I need to have EVERYTHING out of the house by February 6th, so anything not sold by the 2nd or 3rd I'll have to start hauling elsewhere.

There is lots of assorted "stuff". Some items available include:

Queen size mattress set with frame
Twin loft bunk with mattress - can also be set up as standard twin if loft extension is not used.
one extra adjustable bed frame
assorted night stands
dining table with round glass top and 4 cushioned wicker chairs - in great condition!
2 etageres, one needs shelves though
assorted lamps
2- overjohn cabinets (medicine cabinets above toilets)
old sofa table
laundry sink with pvc plumbing attached for easy hook-up
computer desk with monitor stand
student desk with drawers and bookcase hutch
steel wire shelving units that are 4' wide by 6' tall by 18" deep. There are 6-8 of these left I believe. Sold for $140 at Cost-u-less but just $30 from me! A few smaller ones, too.
4' wide 4 shelf bookcase
some boat stuff: dinghy anchor, dinghy ladders, life jackets, and other assorted stuff
picnic baskets
ice chests
picture frames
decor items, candles, nick nacks, etc
Board Games

bed linens
serving pieces
ice trays
small appliances
antique china

Sporting Goods:
standard golf clubs
baseball gear
boating stuff
balls of all types
squirt guns and water toys

Lots of "Stuff" that accumulates as well, such as:
pet carriers
automatic cleaning cat pan
small cat scratch post
dog bed
some pet supplies
cleaning supplies
clothing rack
3 bin laundry sorter
some unused items still in boxes
small garbage cans
light fixtures (new)
passage door knobs (new)
painting supplies
electrical supplies - wire, outlets, etc
assorted hardware items
plumbing snake - only used once to clear a rental condo shower drain
long length of 4" PVC pipe such as used in drain fields
stuffed animals
car covers
boys clothing
Tons of paperback books in a variety of genre - although many of these are not at the house and are available to view at another location near C'sted
large "floating island" water float about 11' wide
unused high quality pool chair with drink holders - still in box from cost-u-less
snorkeling sets (some kids sets are still in the packaging)
and so much more!!!

I'll try to figure out how to post a link to some photos by Thursday evening and will also post driving directions for the moving sale at that time.

A couple other items available:

1990 Suburban - ran great until it was broken into and the battery and radiator were stolen. Could be repaired or used for parts. The tires are nearly new and it had a full tank of gas! Asking $500 and you have it towed away. The four nearly new tires and tank of gas were valued at more than $500!!!

2000 Expedition - At this age it has some typical "island rot" and could use some cosmetic repairs and would benefit from a couple of functional repairs, but runs great and it gets me around. A/C works and all that. It's the Eddie Bauer version with V8 and a tow package, etc. Blue Book in "fair" condition is about $6200. Asking $5500. Entire braking system was rebuilt with all new parts in May. (It's great for hauling stuff, so I do need to use it to move things up until about February 10th, but it can go to a new owner anytime after that!)

Posted : January 22, 2012 10:07 pm
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sent a PM

Posted : January 23, 2012 1:57 am
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dog stuff sounds good. same with kitchen ware

Posted : January 23, 2012 4:31 pm
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Hello Alexandra,

Sounds like you have a lot of things to sell. Will you be giving directions to the sale?
Are you leaving Island?

Carole Dastugue
Jaccar Sorbet

Posted : January 24, 2012 12:20 am
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Hi Carole - I'll post the directions on Thursday I think. I am not leaving island just yet. Maybe someday, but no immediate plans. I still own other properties here. Just selling the house now.

PS: More items that will be available include:

Some things that are at my condo rather than the house - appointments can be made to see these items at St. C's Condos:
6500 KW generator, still in single digits for usage, I think.
Possibly a 6 drawer wicker dresser
Possibly a cedar chest/bench seat
Lots of books - any serious readers looking for hundreds of books?
Crystal platters and bowls
19" TV - older console style rather than slim flat model. My son used this for a year in his dorm at college and it hasn't been used for a few years since.

At the house:
Lots of Christmas decor and wrapping paper
Halloween decor and costumes for kids and adults
VHS Videos - assorted
Big bag of Mardi Gras Beads!!! 😉
More to be listed later...

Posted : January 24, 2012 12:59 am
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OK, here we go!

The Moving Sale will be in progress from 10 AM - 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday


From the Melvin Evans Hwy, turn South at the Carlton Road lighted intersection. (Carlton Road is west of the airport a couple miles and a mile east of Good Hope School.)

Once on Carlton Road heading south, go about 100 yards and just before the 2nd speed bump you will take a right onto a dirt road.

Go west on the dirt road for 3/10 mile until it ends. There are some potholes due to recent rain, but it's drivable and not a car killer.

When the dirt road ends, turn Left and go south all the way to the water. The only house on the water is your destination. It's peach with a white roof and will have an old, gold Suburban and a white Expedition in the driveway.

I'll be putting out "Open House" signs at each of the turns on Saturday morning shortly before the sale begins.

If anyone has trouble finding the right place, you can call me on my cell and I'll talk you through the route to take.


Posted : January 27, 2012 3:19 am
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PS: CASH Sales Only!!!

I'm not doing this to wind up with a dozen returned checks and the fees that go with them.
Thanks for your cooperation

Posted : January 27, 2012 4:14 am
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Pretty busy today! Still plenty left ( even some of the GOOD stuff!)

I added a snare drum and some percussion accessories this evening.

Still have:
Twin bed with bunk loft option
Dining set
Solar outdoor light set - brand new with 15 stainless lights
New pool chair - deluxe model in box
Floating fun island raft
Golf clubs - plus one padded travel case with wheels
Lots of golf accessories
Baseball gear and umpire gear
Tons of pet stuff including kennels, bed, electric cat pan, dishes, collars and lots more
Tons of boys clothes and men's tshirts
Xmas decor
Some boat stuff
Luggage and beach bags
Assorted dishes and small appliances
Knick knacks and decor, candles
Assorted hardware and painting supplies
Computer monitors and keyboards
Computer cart/ desk
Student desk with bookcase hutch
Four 4' X 6' X 18" steel wire shelves for garage or shop storage
Assorted other shelves
Linens and towels and comforters
Tarps - new
Two overjohn bathroom cabinets
Mini gas can
Fluorescent ceiling light- large, octagonal- new in box
foot bath
Paraffin hand spa - new in box
Spa gift set - new in packaging
Mardi Gras beads - lots - anyone on a float in Mardi Croix or St Paddy's parades?
Two short beach chairs
12' length of 3" downspout or drain field PVC pipe


Suburban still available
Expedition still available (parts to repair rear suspension arrive next week! Wooooohoooo!)

At condo - still have some things available to view by appointment:
6500 kw generator - craftsman gas powered
Cedar chest bench seat
Rope light palm tree
Crystal bowls
Martini glasses
19" tv
Queen comforter, sheets with matching pillow and curtains - brand new in shipping box from JC Penney
Dehumidifier - new still in box
Lots more books
Some office supplies

Posted : January 29, 2012 12:57 am
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Still some stuff left and available for the next few days via appointment.

What's GONE from the last list includes:
twin bed/bunk
fun island raft
golf accessories (clubs/bags/travel bag still available and some accessories in the bags)
electric cat pan
extra shelving units (some of the 4' x 6' by 18" units still available)
percussion accessories (snare drum and tom-toms still available)

I sold lots of stuff that I never thought to list, so it was a good sale. I'd love to get rid of more of it before I start hauling loads elsewhere, though!
Still have the generator and stuff at the condo, too.

Feel free to call with questions or to see or purchase items. 340-514-5591

Alexandra Bentley

Posted : January 30, 2012 1:29 am
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