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NEED 2 bedroom pet friendly on st croix...

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i am looking for a 2 bedroom on st croix that is pet friendly... i have 2 mini dashounds 8 pounds and 10 pounds... need to move in around dec 10th!!!

please email me if you have anything that would work for me

thank you

Topic starter Posted : November 16, 2009 9:27 pm
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Hey Meaghan. My husband and I are staying at a studio apartment close to sunny isle that allows pets and does not charge a pet deposit. We chose the month-to-month rental (higher rate) so that we could look around when we got here. just found a place and the studio will be available december 1st. The neighbors are really nice and will help you out to find a new place. The website is

The studio is not breezy at all so if you have to use the AC you will have a high electric bill. Satellite and internet are included in the rent and the owners are really helpful. If you want to stay at this place, you can call me to ask questions about it. we had a friend come and check out the place before we moved in. just an idea. we have two shih tzu dogs and it was hard to find a place that allowed 2 dogs.

good luck,

Posted : November 17, 2009 11:18 am
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