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Need a small SUV please STT possibly STX  


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February 16, 2013 4:18 pm  

Good day islanders, I have up to $5k to spend on an island SUV. Don't care about cosmetics, but cant need any major mechanical work. Little things like no radio windows sticking or whatever is fine, not that picky. Would prefer a 4 door but will take what I can get. Less than 75k miles would be preferred and AC is my only must have. Ive been looking everywhere, papers, CL, here so I am hoping that someone reads this that knows of a small SUV via word of mouth. A car wont work as my driveway has a huge ditch and it will bottom out.

I'm on STT and would rather find one here but would consider figuring out how to get a car from STX over here. The total cost still can't be over $5k including getting it to STT.

Would LOVE to find a 2000-ish CRV or Vitara and looking to buy NOW 🙂 thanks, have a great day!

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