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Newbie Hi - Potentially Relocating to STX

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Hello Everyone....I am flying down to STX this Sunday for (3days) to attend a interview with a view to moving permanently by Feb 1st..depending on if it accept the offer or not...probably will more the likely..:)

As I don't know a sole in STX it would be awesome to make some new friends. All are welcome not ageist in the least. I am also truly glad I found this board as it answered alot of questions I had about STX....thx for all those who answered questions.

Not sure yet where to live, but i think the comp will provide me with corp housing and then slowly I will look around the island. With this in mind it would be nice to meet other working professionals or others relocating to STX who might like to get together with me and pool our financial resources, so that we can rent a a nice big house on the island.

About me mid 30's , single, originally from England (London), moved stateside some 10 yrs ago, relocating from Houston. Work in the technology field....pretty laid back, into music (hip hop, soul reggae), reading, working out., shooting pool, dinners with friends, basically the normal things ...we all like to do.

Hope to hear from you...Peter

PS...anyone willing to take me on a fishing trip? Have never caught a fish before....can't help it I am a city boy..:)

Posted : December 13, 2007 7:20 am
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I am moving in the summer, but i will be doing a pmv in march, and again right before i move. i also do not know a sole, and am open to as many friends as possible! I will hopefully be teaching there next year, i grew up in ohio and also like to do the normal things. I think one of my fav things to do is boating. i will miss not having my boat when i move! i am a 23 year old female. talk to you soon, lexi

Posted : December 13, 2007 3:38 pm
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Hello there. I do know some folks and would be more than happy to provide you with information about the island, activities, what to avoid, what to do, etc. I also am not an ageist either, and am not the most socialized person on the island as I am not into the bar scene, but can give you some ideas, and some assistance of who to for specfic challenges that might arise.

Feel free to write any time,


Posted : December 16, 2007 9:55 am
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