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Organic formula and baby food for sale (stx)

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I have 4 25.7 ounce canisters of Earth's best organic infant formula.
Will sell the lot for $100. They expire Dec 2013


Sprout Organic baby food pouches sweet peas and green beans
2 boxes of 12. $12/box. Expires 6/12


Earths Best Organic 2nd vegetables and First soups. It is a mixture of 10 soups
and 9 veggies they expire starting this December through July 12. I will sell
all for $15



I also have 6 of the soups and veggies that expired as of the end of this month.
If anyone wants them they are free. I really don't know if they are still good
their expiration date is 28-29th of the month.

Posted : November 4, 2011 1:47 pm
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