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small cruising sailboat for sale

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Short, but not small, a cruising sailboat full of character, with tanbark sails; can anchor legally anywhere on sand, can live on its trailer and be towed behind a small car. Excellent sailer, comfortable, seaworthy and sea-kindly (comfortable in seas).Completely equipped for cruising. I desperately want somebody to buy this boat, for cheap! and have it shipped to St. Thomas or St. John, and let me use it April 8 to 18 while we're at Maho Bay, St. John. Price reduced to $4000 (from $6200!) to make it a deal. That's how badly I want to play with it in the Islands! Look at pictures on Please actr quickly. We gotta make shipping plans.

Posted : February 23, 2009 5:04 pm
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