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STX, Frederiksted Leaving Island stuff for sale


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January 16, 2012 4:42 pm  

Hi All,

Just have a few things we are looking to get rid of.

Four shelf, large plastic shelving. 15 dollars.

One of those black plastic rolly carts with clear plastic 3 drawers. 5 dollars. White one with clear drawers for free, if you take the black one. Works great, someone wrote on the top.

Metal Two drawer filing cabinet with hanging folders 10 dollars

Used working plastic box fan 10 dollars

Electric shaver with different size attachments five dollars

Work out stuff. Push up holders, two sets 10 dollars.
Weight set, the one from Kmart that goes from 15 pounds to 20 pounds on each side 10 dollars
Set up two metal 20 pound weights (some rust) 10 dollars for both
Set up two five pound metal weights 5 for both
Light resistance band free for whoever makes the first weight purchase.

Yoga Mat, inexpensive styro kind. Five dollars

Lots and lots of tools. Plus bins of electric, plumbing, etc parts. Send me a PM if you want to make an appointment to come over and just look at all of the tools for sale. This is the collection of a carpenter/handyman who is getting rid of everything.



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January 17, 2012 3:26 pm  

Sent a PM

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January 17, 2012 6:27 pm  

Four shelf unit, rolling bins, file cabinet all sold today.

Have left, one ore rolling cart, only it is the kind with three open plastic baskets, instead of drawers, 5 dollars.

Several different sizes of storage containers with lids, message me for prices.

Lots of tools

The work out equipment.

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