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STX Land Rover Sale! Two Classic Diesel Series Rovers, plus parts


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March 30, 2011 3:01 pm  

Sadly, I need to find new home(s) for my two classic Land Rovers. These work-horses need a little loving care, but last forever. Very few of these on St. Croix.

1961 Series IIA 88", 2.25L series 3 diesel engine, Orange, includes new and used parts. New rear springs, shocks, brake drums and shoes, tail pipe and muffler, fuel pump and biodiesel-compatible fuel lines. Extra set used front springs. Needs some work, but was running and handling great. $4500.00 OBO

1980 Series III 109", 2.25L series 3 diesel engine, Green. Runs Great. Lots of room. $6500.00 OBO

I also have a 20 foot container filled with available extra parts - 4 diesel engines, transmission, body panels, doors, bonnets, starter motors, fuel pumps, Injection pumps, PTO winch, and lots of other parts.

For sale individually or package deal for cars, parts and container! Call Michael, 773-6174

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