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STX - Loving Home Needed for Adorable Female

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Mid size, short hair, elegant looking dog. She is tan with white paws and a white blaze. Svelt (but I'm working on fatting her up)

She is very loving, likes to be inside with you but could be an outside dog too if conditions were right. She loves walks on the beach. She has a quiet, calm demeanor. She is a good guard dog but doesn't bark without reason. This dog is best with a single owner and in my opinion would be best with a female owner. She is not a pit bull, but she has some pit bull in her as she has a very boxer/bulldog like jaw line. The rest of her body is pure Crucian mutt. Her tail is long, with a white tip. A real sweety.

If you are looking for a loving dog to be your new best friend, please consider offering this girl a home. Her owner has had to leave island for family/health reasons and is hoping the right fit will be found for her here on island. I'm fostering her in the meantime (she gets along great with my three male dogs, but feels lonely I think for her human).

Oh.. I have a cat and she at first found the cat very enticing... but after one swat has decided to walk a wide circle around the black hissy thing. 🙂

Contact me for more information

Posted : August 6, 2008 6:25 pm
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