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My good friend and longtime resident has finally decided to part with his mahogany tree. Especially since his tree has spent the past decades rearranging the concrete in his driveway, patio and foundation. The beautiful wood now lays in pieces, some very large pieces, just waiting for the creative touches of craftsmen and craftswomen like yourselves. Who wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for one of your beautiful hand-rubbed mahogany creations? Chess pieces, Tables, Toilet Seats???

Once the news gets out that those precious limbs are FREE they'll disappear faster than you can say: Government Corruption!!

Don't wait. Call now! 340.718.3984! My friend's name is Baldur [BAL-DUR]. He's german and sometimes difficult to understand (after all these years he hasn't lost his accent. Go figure).

So call today, load 'em up and let those creative juices flow! Did I mention the wood is FREE?

Posted : August 20, 2015 10:55 pm
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